Furious Hammers Co-Owner Denies Spare Change Deal

David Sullivan was incandescent with rage following the publication by The Daily Express of an article claiming that he had been trying to sell part of the club, and he has every right to be annoyed! Closer examination of said article reveals the lack of cognitive reasoning by the 'writers', the maths don't add up nor does the logic stack up. Why on earth would the co-owners accept a pro rata figure which under values the club by at least 40%? It is common knowledge that energy drinks giant Red Bull offered over £500 Million for the club earlier in the year and yet The Express say the club is worth £400 Million, what's a small sum like £100 Million between friends? Really this 'level' of speculative reporting is scraping the barrel at best and spuriously under hand at worst! At least those 'writers', we will not go as far as to use the term journalists, will now be busy camping outside Arsene Wenger's home and Arsenal's training ground. - Ed



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so you're saying arsene wenger is buying the club?

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you kill me Dicksy...but after last nights performance at Palace maybe he is showing he could manage our lot!

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The club is valued at £200 mill. It's Sullivan who reckons the club is worth £400 million. On what basis he arrives at that figure, I havent a clue. I mean, look at our assets. If you can call em that. AND they want to stay on the board. Fully paid I expect. Do me a favour and jog on.

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