so we're safe now what?

two games to go and yes every place in the premier league is worth more money than the one below it but putting that aside should we play some of the younger players now to give them some experience? watching everton they have a number in there team and have done for a while now and it does not seem to of hurt them that much and those youngsters will be better next season for them and save the club transfer fees in the long what do we do with the squad in the summer? clearly we need a right back to help byram develop further centre backs we have plenty there so into midfield we need a playmaker alongside lanzini as we don't need to put all the weight on his shoulders striker wise this is where we need proper surgery and we have to be hard nosed about what we do in this dept..quality needs to be found and if we cannot offload carroll for a fee then he has to be an impact player as clearly you can never rely on him to stay injury free for any length of time..sackho I think he has had his time as much as I rate his movement and ability his attitude stinks and you do not need any drama queens at the club....Valencia remember him well if everton do not take up the option to buy we need to find him a club as he has said he does not want to play for us calleri well he showed what he is capable of doing against the spuds but is it enough?.....defoe has been mentioned but that's not a long term answer...I hope the chairman keep quiet and only go to the media when a player is signed instead of naming who we are after then constantly drone on about how close the deal is to being done...there is much work to do this summer to start with Adrians option on his contract needs to be taken up but Randolph needs moving on and another keeper to challenge for the first team got in..maybe begovic at chelski who is looking to move...feghouli/Snodgrass/toure/ need shipping out as well but its a wait and see game now...

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On the subject of Carroll if he cant find a club then we have to terminate his contract ,90 k a week is way to much for an impact sub ,cant go on like this its a bloody pantomime only plays half the season i think Negrado will be looking for a move might be worth a shot ,i'd keep Cal funny fellin he'll come good ,Feg ?na not for me ,too lightweight as for Snoddy has to be given another season

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Burkie 1

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It's a big IF hoping to find a club to take Carroll. Let's face it, even living on the moon you would have noticed he barely plays a game. And let's face it, he ain't gonna ask for one when he's getting 90k pw! With 2 yrs still left on his deal we'd have to pay him the full amount to get shot. Best to keep him wrapped in cotton wool and only bring him out when we're desperate. Snodgrass will get at least a full season to show what he can do, but tbh if we get another creative type he'll spend most of the season warming the bench.

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has been a big disappointment, I was looking forward to him coming and I think he has had enough chances. he should go IMO

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Strike force. We must address this. We can't continue like a lame duck every time carroll gets injured. two players to work together with prem league experience if possible. Iheanacho - ideal but would he come and would we pay? sturridge - injury concern, defoe- age concern, Dembele (celtic) - no prem experience, Shane Long - bit part player at saints, callum wilson, Vardy (could it be possible?), Ings (injury concern), forresteiri (take a punt from wed?), assamolonga (another punt?)…these off the top of my head.

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In all honesty all transfers are a punt. Look at snodgrass for instance, I'm not saying he is messi, but I think most of us knew what we thought we were getting but as yet he is yet to deliver what he was at hull. If it was down to me I'd expect to get someone like batsy, loan iheanacho and buy assombalonga. In return we have got rid of zaza, calleri to go and sakho, Carroll and Valencia to go. That would show me some real intent.

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i actually think snodgrass will be o.k. he's not been good yet sure, but lets face it he was never a world beater. i think he will do o.k over the seasons ahead. after all is said and done he has had a recent move to settle in. we use the excuse a lot for foreigners but it must be somewhat of a hindrance to u.k based players too. i also think he needs to be given a specific role in the team, not moved around from wing to centre then up front. at hull he had settled in, knew what he was doing and knew his team mates.

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I agree with you about snodgrass, dicksy. I think he will be an asset next season, but mainly as a squad member, when players get injured.

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