Mass Boycott If Hart Is In Goal?

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse disturbing news is emerging that David Moyes is going to select Joe Hart in goal for the Southampton match, this has not gone down well at the Org, Ed Junior has suddenly' pulled his hammy' and doesn't want to walk the hundred miles from Hackney Wick to the 'conveniently' located 'ironic' stadium. Little Ed was far more honest and just said there is no way he will go if Hart is in goal. I wonder what other Hammers' supporters will be feeling?

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Moyes is just about to confirm the dreaded news at his pre-match press conference!

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Hart does not inspire confidence and the crowd are just waiting for a cock up from him before they get on his case!

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The atmosphere will be tense enough tomorrow....Baffling imo

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Moyes has decided against it, choosing instead to put himself in goal.

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