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Plenty of rumours in the press in regards to Rice attracting Palace and Bournemouth’s attention which had died away but has come back due to the signing of Diop. It’s an easy one for the media to make something out of nothing with Rice not yet signing a new deal and Diop seemingly ahead due to the cost of his signing. My thoughts are more around Rice being our first choice defensive midfielder or possibly the pair of them becoming a partnership. Pel plays a fast paced game and being able to play the ball from the back is another aspect of his teams. My immediate thoughts are Reid and Ogbona should be feeling the pressure. More soReid but if Rice goes into midfield Kouyate and Noble could be competing for their place. Niether are really defensive midfielders and it’s a position we’ve not had for a while. Noble makes the passes and covers the pitch but too slowly for a Pel type of team. Kouyate should be box to box but lacks ball control. Who do you think is in trouble at keeping their place in the team? With more signings to come there is probably more than one answer.

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If we sell Reid I don't think we will get a lot for him but he can play in centre midfield full-back handy player to have in the squad if we sell him reckon we will be lucky to get 4mill which is peanuts the way transfer market is going. But we must make sure we hold on to Declan Rice I don't think he will leave but Sullivan's insulting offer, didn't help and I think he should be on at least £30,000 a week when you look at the wage structure around him.

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The issue is the budget in today's prices is small too and not selling the unwanted won't raise funds for more new players. It's a really tough one because the players Pel is likely to want to off load won't bring in enough money to buy any that he would want to bring in. I've liked Reid but he did look poor last season and with deceptive pace, he's actually slower than he looks. I couldn't resist a Bill Shankly quote. The budget was going to be tight without Lanzini getting injured and now looks beyond impossible. Maybe there is a bigger budget (I'm hoping) but it isn't wise to alert the media to that, prices would only go up some more.

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It's when Liverpool start to take an interest in Rice, and they will, that I will get nervous.

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I think these Rice rumours will go off the boil soon enough. No way we are selling to Palace or Bournemouth, what would that achieve? Lose out on a good youth player and would never get the amount he's worth

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And why would he go to either of those clubs??!!!! No disrespect but neither is bigger or better than us

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why no disrespect? give them some disrespect i say! tiny clubs!

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You 's have to remember when it comes to rumours every club in the land goes through them ,some huge some not so huge most of them will fizzle out

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