Another Youngster Departs

While there is optimism about the latest group of players to emerge from the club's 'famous academy', that cannot be said for the preceding group, yet another of that 'generation' of players, Josh Pask, has left West Ham United. The 21 year old has signed a three year deal with Coventry City and has joined on a free contract, however it is believed there was a 20% sell on clause inserted in to the contract.

Reece Oxford is another young player who the club had great expectations for is expected to leave shortly, for a fraction of what he was worth a couple of years ago, and the best of the rest who all fell by the way side. There are some who say that the brilliance of Tony Carr had begun to shine less brightly towards the end of his tenure, and that may be correct, however the demographic of the club's traditional catchment area changed dramatically and a period of refocus was probably required.

The fact that West Ham have finally 'embraced' the need to provide state of the art facilities for potential youth players shows that Manuel Pellegrini has managed to get the board to see the obvious! The reason there was a lack of investment in the last few years was that a certain Mr Sullivan took umbridge with teams being able to 'hoover up' youth players, who cost good money to develop, for a pittance that gets decided by a tribunal.

Having been the recipients of youth players from other clubs the penny has dropped that yes, you may develop a player and then lose them, but if you create an atmosphere that encourages new players to join because they, and more importantly their parents, see there is a definite possibility of them making the first team squad if they become good enough , then that will auger well for the future.

The club will thank Manuel Pellegrini for believing in the youth set up, even if they don't necessarily agree with how ruthless some of his decisions can be. - Ed



Says it all

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The concept of young players needs looking at - at 21 years of age now, players with potential are expected to be star players. Let's face it some of the players at 30 years old are still a bunch of kids

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Lots of the managers are too moanrinho,warnock,big sam!! Oh dear....

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Too much money too soon,they are not in the real world,if they had to graft at something they didn't want to do,it would open their eyes,then they would have a different outlook.

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Essex mate!!

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