Irons Beaten But Not Bloodied!

If as a viewer you were able to watch the Liverpool v West Ham game with sub titles instead of commentary, then you would have witnessed a spirited but eventually fruitless display by a battling Hammers side against 'the best team in the world'. Unfortunately SKY having a Liverpool stalwart as well as a Manchester United crony heavily involved in the 'match day experience' ensured any enjoyment Hammers fans had was kept to a minimum.

This performance against the runaway league leaders was the polar opposite of the insipid capitulation during the defeat against City, the team played with verve and guile only to be undone by two rare mistakes from the usually utterly reliable Lukasz Fabianski in goal. Still there were many plus points, not least the contribution of Jeremy Ngakia at right back, he has taken the mantle from the injured Ryan Fredericks and the ageing Pablo Zabaleta, in Ngakia the club have a player who could make the right back spot his own for years to come, if the club can keep hold of him!

Of course the team's great performance last night still ended in a 3-2 defeat, but given the pundits predictions, especially the thoughts of one Sam Allardyce, the result was much better than expected and helped to keep Hammers goal difference better than those around them in the relegation zone.

All of the good points derived from the 'battle of anfield' will count for nothing if David Moyes chooses pragmatism over adventure for this weekend's essential home tie against Southampton, victory is a must, anything else will see the club on the abyss of having the biggest ground in the Championship!

Time is running out, but West Ham still have their destiny in their hands for now, even if their grip is becoming more and more tenuous. Nothing short of full effort will do from now on, it really is time for the players to stand up and be counted, or if not at least play so well other teams will be interested in acquiring them if they do want to move. - Ed



A bit of fight like last night.battle like we did & we will stay up if not we are down

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Against the most feared opposition in Europe right now this lad aquitted him self unbelievably well....i am not going to put pressure on him because of course he is still learning the game but kudos for Moyes to start him as we all no Zabs days are all but done and he would not of coped with the pace coming at him....the dreaded injury jinx struck again and my only annoyance about it all was moyes telling Fornals to warm up right at the start of the second half as he must of known something was up and pulled him before the second half started but nope he didn't and so here we go again losing a player for who knows how long to something that IMO could of been avoided.....a hard defeat to take considering the performance but unlike all the pundits who keep harping on about our next round of fixtures Gooners/spuds/chelski/wolves well Fuck em spuds are toothless chelski show ponies Gooners crap at the back as for wolves WE WILL DESTROY THEM COYI

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