Sullivan's Reverse Psychology Paying Off

Whether it was his close family, friends, or more likely Manuel Pellegrini's word in his 'shell like', that made the penny drop, is a matter of conjecture but the 'silence' of David Sullivan has been deafening! His stock is rising with even some of his harshest critics, and all because he has learned to let others do the talking.

Very few Hammers fans doubt the fact that Sullivan is a true fan, as is his co-chairman David Gold, but it was exactly the fact that they were fans that led to 'Sully' in particular wanting to let supporters know how hard they were trying for the club, consequently he spent too much time in the spotlight and became an easy target for the boo boys. That is not to say that at times he didn't deserve the criticism, it's just that he probably received more than was fair.

Since Manuel Pellegrini's arrival things have changed beyond all recognition, the club's business is conducted in private instead of on media platforms, and by delegating, the hierarchy are able to take credit when it is due and avoid the flack when things go belly up.

Even Tony Cottee has 'kissed and made up', he recognises the efforts being made to keep things on a professional footing, an element that had been missing since the two David's took over the club from the 'biscuit barons'. It's been a long time coming, but credit where it's due. - Ed



But wasn't he a brummie fan before us & a Cardiff fan from birth...just sayingor was it fake news even...who knows who cares
On another site someone said the only way westham could be United again is if new owners take over,I tend to agree start with a clean slate & not the baggage that this lot brought with them

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I go along with that, just too much baggage and new owners would help. I think the PR agency they use needs shooting. Suli needs an overcoat change, seen as a tinpot dictator ruling over the working class masses. Dresses and acts like a pantomime villain. Pleased that we no longer hear his gaffs in the media.

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That bloody overcoat & hat mate...I always thought it's a wind up surely!!from someone who is still proud to call myself a working class westham fan

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