Brady's big mouth cost us

'Leicester refused to loan Islam Slimani to West Ham after comments made by Karren Brady over the dismissal of Claudio Ranieri last season'. so it appears that any transfer dealings we may wish to conduct with Leicester are done for thanks to Brady. we will see, if Slimani starts scoring its going to look embarrassing for the board yet again. its a crying shame that we have owners like this, 'saved the club', 'fans', 'best interests at heart'…I've heard it all and people still defend them but come on, the facts speak for themselves. They got very lucky with Moyes, if he keeps us up, he's managed a small miracle, but they appointed him because he was cheap and now they've failed to back him in the transfer market too. you have to feel a bit sorry for the man, him and pearce are working away for the club, clearing out the mess left behind by lazy Bilic, but getting no help from above. Our stadium is gone, soon we'll probably be ground sharing with someone like Palace or charlton when the L.S deal gets unraveled and the facts come out that the board swindled it. its time for them all to go imo. they are the most unprofessional owners in the league by a country mile and thats saying something. their kids are allowed to pass judgement on club matters and players…the whole thing is some sort of joke, some 'play thing' for two old rich guys and their lady muck mistress.

Shes had that column in that tacky rag for years now,spewing her so called wealth of knowledge of football to anyone prepared to read it!!Are any of us at all surprised that yet again our board have put their foot in it!!

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Brady has an arrogance about her,which I would imagine offends those in certain business circles.As for Sullivans young off spring,i did read an article that Big Sam said when he left us, that he didn't like the way his sons were putting comments about players on twitter that should stay in the dressing room,and training ground,dont know if that still happens,but how unprofessional and undermining is that.

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Her own?

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They just can't help themselves none of em,never known a trappy board in all my life,it's a pity they ain't so loud with investment.

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Didn't think Bilic was lazy just a too nice

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i heard he was. not bothered to scout other teams, not bothered to do serious training, not bothered to change his tactics, ….just not bothered.

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hair, beard, suit ... got himself fixed up pretty. I liked Bilic, but seeing what Moyes has done with the same team makes me pretty sure that Slaven was no enforcer of discipline.

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You seriously have to wonder if our failure in buying certain players IS down to the board. They are just so derogatory about players at OUR club let alone others! Then there are their derogatory bids for players, just this window Bournemouth and that Russian striker have said as much. This club will only get dragged down further with idiots at the helm. They respect no one and the fact they can't keep there mouths shut for one second, their bile seeps out. Why would anyone deal with such low lifes? So we get clubs dealing if the are desperate.

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I dont doubt that moyes would of mentioned who he would like if possible but unless its a chumpionship player or dodgy french second division the board will not entertain the thought of actually spending money!....bung in low bids piss off clubs not just here but europe too and wonder why clubs do not want to do business with for ms brady who is surprised i doubt anyone here is.

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Oladapo Afolayan will save us :-( We paid an undisclosed fee believed to be under a million pounds to Solihull,that mighty team from the National league.
Beggars belief how the Board think we are going to be playing Champions League football with this type of striker coming in?

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I will continue to say .. that woman is our ruin!

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