£2,394 Business Class Return To Chile Or Rivals Season Ticket?

£2,394 buys you an Airfrance business class return ticket from London Heathrow to Chile, it is also around the price of a cheap season ticket to attend matches at the Emirates and to not be able to attend them at Tottenham's as yet unfinished White Hart Lane ground redevelopment. Both Tottenham and Arsenal have struggled fo finance their new stadia, with the result being eye watering ticket prices in order to offset the investment, West Ham on the other hand do not need to, the result being that Hammers are able to offer season tickets that don't require a mortgage!

The £2,394 ticket to Chile represents good value especially as it is a return, it is not known whether Manuel Pellegrini elected to 'slum it' in Business Class or travel first, but he defintely doesn't travel steerage! 'Coming home' was almost certainly part of the Hammers manager's itinerary mapped out before the beginning of the season, however the 'Nil Points' situation that he finds himself in after four matches has had many fans asking why he didn't stay in England and work with his underperforming players? Their collective stats for the home defeat by Wolves made for some sorry reading, their distances covered would even have embarrassed Slaven Billic's coaching team, so why haven't they been 'put through the ringer during the International break?

In the past West Ham have had to contend with a plethora of players going off to represent their countries, however that is not the case now with only three first team players being called up, the rest have been told to 'rest up' for a couple of days. Could this be a part of a 'cunning plan' to help re-boot a disparate squad that should be performing at a much higher level than in the previous four games? Perhaps 'just running around' won't cut it in Pellegrini's world, but almost the entire team looked leggy against opposition that run harder and with more purpose, something has to be done but maybe doing 'nothing' will end up achieving 'something' because nervous players make mistakes.

Coming back to the £2,394 mentioned earlier, the Hammers hierarchy probably intended several 'price hikes' once their team had become 'established' at the Souless Dome AKA The London Stadium, unfortunately for the fiscal planners continuing poor results have created a situation where owning a season ticket is more a curse than a joy even if it is dirt cheap. The late Brian Clough used to say "football isn't complicated, 11 men chase the ball and the team that scores the most win! Evaluating Hammers' current plight is relatively easy, as is the resolution, start winning matches and begin the process of buying the London Stadium outright.

Do those two things and there won't be the vat of negativity surrounding the club that there is at the present time, wins do good things! - Ed



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is pellegrini another bilic? lazy training and discipline? man c springs to mind.

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