Streaming With beIN Sports Connect Through Alternative Methods

Redefining TV:

When it comes to beIN Sports Connect, mobile phones, tablets, and smart TVs have played a major role in the rising popularity of this service within the online sports streaming sector. With phones and tablets, the entire sporting calendar can now be controlled and consumed in the palm of your hand. Apart from that, the entire process can be done without the need for any cables, all completely on-the-go. The same goes for smart TVs, where there is no more need for any broadcasting box, yearly contract subscriptions, or unnecessary channel clutter. These technological gadgets have already helped services like beIN Sports Connect reach a much wider audience, but there are still some consumer media devices that can make a big impact.
The Next Step Is Here with beIN Sports:

After their entry into the mobile and television markets, beIN Sports Connect now has a system set-up which targets the gaming and technology community through integration with consoles such as Sony’s Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. Apart from this, Google Chromecast as well as the Apple AirPlay are also able to be used with the service, offering instant transfer of streaming content from your handheld device onto your TV screen.The gaming community takes up a large majority of the entertainment market, which in turn, has been targeted as another way to expand the reach of beIN Sports Connect. Although Sony’s Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One are direct competitors, they are both able to benefit from services which provide online sports streaming.

Referring to the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page on the official website for beIN Sports Connect in Thailand, there are even topics regarding the usage of the service through the two mentioned consoles. Key questions that are being asked are whether the Playstation and the Xbox have applications that can directly access beIN Sports Connect. Although the two consoles don’t have an official beIN Sports Connect application in Thailand, there is still a possibility that this addition could be added.
They Are Improving to be Better:

beIN Sports Connect highlighted the fact that they are continuing to work on improvements with their service regarding the delivery of more content through multiple platforms. However, even without a dedicated application to stream sporting content, the two consoles are both able to access the internet, each with their own version of a web browser. Using this method, users who have access to the internet, either via Wi-Fi or a LAN connection, will then be able to access beIN Sports Connect and enjoy sporting content following the subscription process. Apart from gaming consoles and the gaming community, online sports streaming is also gaining popularity thanks to applications or programs such as Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay. Both are already accessible through beIN Sports Connect, with confirmation from the official website stating that both the Chromecast as well as the AirPlay are compatible with their service.
Given their ability to transfer content being streamed from your mobile devices onto a large screen TV without lowering the quality, this is yet another big win for beIN Sports Connect and online sports streaming as a whole.
Starting off with Google Chromecast, which is currently considered as a very simple and cost effective way to transfer streaming content from your mobile device to a TV, you can greatly improve your viewing experience if you have access to a TV. This little device can be used by connecting it into your TV’s HDMI socket and using it as a median which can transfer content directly from your smartphone or a computer onto the TV screen. In fact, there is an important rise of online video on the TV screen and beIN Sports is fulfilling it perfectly.
In regards to beIN Sports Connect, you can also instantly move anything being streamed online through Google Chrome in a matter of seconds without damaging the overall quality.
Multiple Ways by Which You Can Benefit:
A perfect example of how this can benefit you is if you’re heading home and watching a sporting event on your phone, you can easily move it onto a bigger screen when you reach the confines of your living room, instantly improving your viewing experience. Next up, Apple’s AirPlay, which works very similarly to Google Chromecast. But instead of being an actual device, it’s a protocol stack/suite developed to allow a wireless transfer of content between Apple devices on iOS onto a TV, by using either Apple TV or a HomePod. Courtesy of this innovative feature, all of Apple’s iOS devices are wirelessly linked, offering the user unmatched entertainment features, independent of location, time, or any other factor.
As simple as it may sound, all you need to do is open beIN Sports Connect, find your favourite sporting event, swipe the online sports stream onto a TV, and enjoy the magic of technology. Nothing can stop this new technology, because the rise of online streaming over cable is gaining plenty of momentum and strength. Through their continuous efforts to improve the overall streaming experience, beIN Sports Connect have found multiple ways to grab the attention of different audiences in the market. No matter what type of sports fan you are, from a gamer to a computer wizard, you will still be considered a prime marketing target for online streaming services like beIN Sports Connect.
Final Words:

That means you can find yourself in any sort of situation or place throughout Thailand, and still have a way to enjoy your favourite sporting event with high quality streaming - that matches the experience of the HD channels currently being offered by traditional broadcasters. With the marketplace expanding in all directions, and beIN Sports Connect constantly finding ways to appeal to the masses, the entire online sports streaming industry is set for a major makeover. Be prepared!



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Unless you are useless with even the simplest of tasks using it and I am:-( but I have to admit I don't think you can beat the radio and the picture it creates in your mind but hey I'm an old git time moves on

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Wish I had a short-wave with vacuum tubes and all that, but one like Dr Who might have, to pick up games from the glorious past -- as if the raido waves were still out there and could be heard. Would love to hear the '66 world cup final, or the West Ham FA Cup victory against Arsenal in 1980.

As for this new BeIn Sports: is it free? that's all I want to know!

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Free? Are you Sully in disguise?

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I think they are only available on loan!

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No Marquee Streaming then.

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Over 12 years,sorry i mean 12 months!!

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But you can get all sports channels on Live net tv .on you phone

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