12 April 1941 – 24 February 1993 LEGEND

On the 24th of February 1993 Robert Frederick Chelsea Moore left this earth, far too early for a man who enriched and inspired so many, the word legend is used to excess when describing entertainers or performers, but a legend Bobby Moore certainly was. The first 'pop star' footballer, Moore and his first wife Tina were eye candy for all sorts of companies from Watneys to Walls!

As a club West Ham United have done their best to 'compensate' for how badly Mooore was treated in the latter stages of his life, a life that was dreadfully cut short by bowel cancer, few could contemplate how such an adonis could perish at the tender age of 52 years old, but he did. With the benefit of hindsight, Moore was 'entitled' to far better treatment and respect not only from the Irons but form the FA and the England set up, no other country in the World would have treated their star player and legend in such a disrespectful manner, and yet he bore the mistreatment with the same stoicism as he did in his battle against cancer.

Those of us who were privileged to have seen Booby in his prime will never forget his presence both for West Ham and England as he strode on to the pitch, he seemed two foot taller than the opposition and played that way as well. Most modern day football legends, with a few notable exceptions, are more like leg-ends with their ostentatious life styles.

Bobby Moore was, and still is, a legend in every aspect of the word, the epitome of all that can be good in sport and life itself. Robert Frederick Chelsea Moore R.I.P 12th of April 1941 – 24th of February 1993



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Nice 1 nev,never will be forgotten the master,and many happy returns to you nev xx

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But yes Bobby Moore will always be remembered by us westham fans & what an ambassador for English football,sad though that the powers that be tended to forget about him in his last few years!

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He was an adonis! Like all the exceptional footballers through out the years he always looked in total control, never rushed, plenty of time on the ball and pick a pass or a pocket of the opposition striker, a gentleman and soooo bl__dy proud that he wore our shirt. As you say , treated badly by the then hierarchy at West Ham, I guess thanks to the Cearns and Brown? Cant help thinking that the unholy trinity today would probably have used him better in the club. Still wrong that he cant be given a posthumous Knighthood, appreciate its never been done before but cant see us winning the WC again in the near future. Let the people who still have his memory have the chance to celebrate this real legend! I think that would rightly be a Hat trick of Knights that played for West Ham!!! Put that in your pipe Spudz, Chavski and Arse!!!!

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