Adios Amigos As Perez And Chicha Prepare For Last Hammer's Game

West Ham take on Watford for the closing match of this Barclays Premier League season, back in the day it would have been a celebration for both clubs to maintain their top flight status, but that was before the TV money really came in, nowadays teams like West Ham and Watford have got serious financial clout but have the advantage of being able to buy players cheaper than the 'top six' clubs.

Again back in the day, there would have been a carnival atmosphere at the game, however mainly thanks to a certain Troy Deaney there is no love lost between the clubs. Now we at the Org are sure that Deaney is a good family man and probably a 'good bloke' away from the pitch, but on the field of play he epitomises everything that is archaic about the game.

Deaney was the player who despised being 'mugged off' by a West Ham team that played some of the best football seen up to that point during the first season at the London Stadium as they raced to a 2-0 lead, the match of course was eventually won 3-2 by the visitors! The fact that Deaney and Co needed to be angered by a master class in beautiful football in order to be motivated sums up why, we at the Org, hope Issa Diop and the General are able to give Deaney a 'lasting memory' of the event.

Sunday's game will also see the last appearance for West Ham for both Javier Hernandez and more surprisingly Lucas Perez, Hernandez's move was sanctioned ages ago, but there was a feeling that Perez would 'come good', the fact that the club are willing to let him go indicates that his replacement has already been lined up. The Maxi Gomez deal seems to have rumbled on forever, but then again so did the deal to bring Felipe Anderson to the London Stadium, but head of recruitment Mario Husillos is a seasoned campaigner who is not above 'sewing' false seeds in order to throw off the opposition while he gets his man.

Who ever does arrive, and there could be up to three new strikers, one thing that is certain is the age delta will be reduced, so talk of players like Dzeko arriving are way off the mark. Manuel Pellegrini was brought in as manager in order to take the club to a higher level, and part of that process was the recruitment of younger players with a potentially high sell on value as opposed to ageing players with little or no sell on value.

Terry Westley is leaving for a lucrative position in the J league, so a new person will have to oversee youth development, did Westley get the 'gig' because of what he has done recently, or did he get the push for not doing enough? Either way the club does have a lot of young talent, and you can bet your house on the fact that the two Davids, Gold and Sullivan, would love to have young players coming through with similar values to that of Declan Rice. The belated upgrading of the Rush Green and Chadwell Heath training facilities is testament to Pellegrini's influence, one day people will look back at the facilities before they were modernised and wonder how on earth the club managed to attract and retain any quality players.

Next season will be exciting, all the hard work in laying the proper foundations instead of the old make and mend way of doing things should come to fruition, but it may require Pellegrini to apply a similar amount pressure he did on his first arrival in order to prise open the purse strings, some say the only reason he went back to Chile shortly after taking over at the London Stadium was to pay off the kidnappers that were used in! - Ed



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How funny is it gonna be when Chiko get his hair dyed and he aint even on the bench

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Pick the bones out of that result Troy Boy.

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