And Now The End Is Near And Moyes Takes A Final Curtain

Ironically Sunday's game between West Ham and Everton might mark the departure of two 'icons' from their respective clubs but with accute affiliations to each team they have represented, Wayne Rooney is suposed to be unavailable due to injury from partaking in what would be his last ever game in the Premier League, however don't rule out a miraculous recovery!

Many Hammers fans will be glad to see the back of Rooney who has been a 'serial killer' against the club whichever colours he wore, he always had the ability to score a 'worldie' against West Ham. Likewise many Hammers fans, in fact an overwhelming majority, willl be glad to see the back of David Moyes whilst acknowleding his achievement in keeping the club in the top flight. It appears the opinion of the fans is felt by the Hammers' hierarchy with some quite blatant moves on their behalf which essentially boil down to either Manuel Pelligrini or Rafa Benitez.

Given the option of either, most fans would prefer Rafa 'The Gaffer', and so do the Board having previously tried to recruit him before eventually apppointing Slaven Billic, Benitez was a done and dusted eal before Real Madrid came a calling, and as everyone in the World of football knows when Real ask most people ask how high?

Alas it was not to be for Benitez at Real Madrid, but his stock has risen given the job that he has done at Newcastle on a very limited budget albeit with a fairly decent squad that he inherited, but Hammers might capitalise on the indecision regarding the take over of Newcastle United, with owner Mike Ashley playing fiscal hard ball with the consortium led by Amanda Stavely that has been courting the club's purchase for the last six months. Without the guarantee of funding for next seson Benitez would be loathe to continue at St James' Park, a move to The London Stadium might not seem as so much as a frying pan to the fire, rather poacher to vacuum bath.

Where to now? Moyes has done a good job, indeed some would say an excellent one, but let's be real, he is definitely 'Old School' much in the same vein as Big Sam, Old Woy and other pragmatic but unexciting managers who have recently made their reputations on 'number crunching options available' survival football, yes they use new technology, but in the wrong way. Far from using the information at their fingertips to embrace the beautiful game they have chosen to use it to the game's detriment by adopting pragmatic percentage football.

This leads us to the very reason why David Moyes should not be the man to take West Ham forward, he is not a bad manager, far from it, but he is not the man that will eventually fit the role. He still has a high opinion of his abilities and is probably unprepared to work with the current set up at West Ham, so it seems that the honey moon period is close to an end. rumour has it that a decision will be confirmed as to his departure as soo as the day after the season finale against Moyes' ex team Everton. - Ed



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I thank him for the job he did and was paid to do but another 2/3 years of that football will kill the club.....I hope that the club do go for and get Rafa he would be a serious upgrade on any manager we have had for a long long time but whilst he has a release clause of just £6million which is chickenfeed in todays footballing world I do worry that the unholy trinity will drag out this drama pretending to get him whilst in reality not doing so because he will Demand the biggest wage we will ever have to pay a manager and also the money he will want and need to reconstruct a very poor team...time will tell but lets see if we are swift to act or the usual leaks to papers start with stupid headlines etc and as ever we drag our feet and get gazumped

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I genuinely don't understand our fans opinion on Moyes. The bloke came into a club with players that were: lazy, unfit, ill-disciplined, poor ability and generally rubbish.

Under Bilic we were 100% going down. With a January where he was not only not given any money, but actually tasked with making a profit, he actually improved us.

I think Moyes job has been really good, when you leak 4 goals a game, he did what he had to do, 5 at the back and defensive first football, let's be real if any of us were the manager we'd have done the same!

It's been a job well done, and I personally wouldn't give it to him further than this summer. He's a great coach but is too indecisive in the transfer market, this club desperately needs a ruthless coach who has contacts across the world and can recruit top players and unearth gems, whilst also getting rid of the crap on our books- it really won't be easy.

If we sack Moyes and bring in Pellegrini we will go down, he is another dinosaur and does not fit what we need. I would love to have Rafa he'd make us top 8, Eddie Howe would be good, Marco Silva? Jury is out on Unai Emery not sure on him but knows top players from his last 2 stints.

If we are breaking from Moyes it is a risk, been quiet boring football but it's effective and we've won 30 points under his leadership and been competitive in most games. The club need to get this next move right, and quick so the summer business can begin.

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I don't think Moyes has done a good job at all. We are staying up purely on the fact that, unbelievably, there are 4 worse clubs than us this season. 7 wins in 30 is not good enough, especially when you take into account that 4 of those wins were against clubs that are relegated or as good as. Opportunities to go for games that we should have gone for the throat, opportunities to play strikers, his blatant disregard for Hernandez and a passion for playing not to lose. Even Big Sam had more ambition than that. I reserve judgement on Pellegrini in a club that is even more reluctant to splash the cash that Benitez's current employers spend. Truth of the matter is in my opinion, that the rot in this club goes beyond whatever manager is employed. I never wanted Bilic in the first place as is well known, but I do wonder if Carvalho, who it seems he really wanted would have made a difference.
I am well aware that injuries to some key players have made a difference (Carroll, Antonio, Collins, Reid, Obiang in particular), not that Sam ever got the benefit of that excuse during his tenure, but January signings Hugill and Mario were hardly inspiring especially with Moyes claiming he was happy with the squad.
The problem is at the top. Thats what this club needs to address, irrespective of who comes in as manager.

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had to mention sam in there, I knew you had to. lol

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In the last 6 months of his tenure.

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Moyes and BFS are out of the same school of precautionary," if you cant win dont loose " football ,your quintessential British manager ,"take a chance ,?what me ?,are you havin a laugh "just shows you why foriegn bosses are better

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Burkie 1

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Zola and Bilic you mean

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We had better chances than the ones they scored from??I think its probably time to take his posters down from your walls mate!!

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one gets tired of all his spin and nonsense. Everton fans must be like, "yeah, right".

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