And You Thought London Stadium Was Toxic Because Of Results

Telford Homes has halted works on its redevelopment of Wallis Road’s Stone Studios following complaints over the release of noxious fumes from its Hackney Wick construction site. Local residents and the principal of the near by Mossbourne Academy have complained about the side effects from inhalation of toxic fumes, including headaches and nausea.

Hackney Council have confirmed the cause as the historic contamination of the site’s land by hydrocarbons, including benzene and naphthalene, the council has stated that their information “suggests that the causes of the odours are not expected to pose a significant health risk,” whilst Telford has said that the monitored levels in the air “were not toxic in any way, with no risk to human health.”

An environmental report submitted to the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC), which has responsibility over the site through planning, showed ‘high risk’ levels of naphthalene and volatile organic compounds in the ground, as well as a moderate risk presented by ‘elevated concentrations’ of arsenic and lead. Naphthalene is classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as possibly carcinogenic, with children more sensitive to its effects than adults, Benzene is a carcinogen.

So are there any health implications for those fans visiting the London Stadium who use the overground to Hackney Wick station?, apart from watching some of the earlier lamentable performances on the pitch! Well strangely enough and most definitely unscientific, we have had members mention about the air quality before, with several having complained of breathlessness particularly after scaling the ramparts to the Bobby Moore upper stand in the Stadium roof! The toxic foundations of the London Stadium have been known about since it's inception, there are certain construction specialists who insist that the site wasn't cleansed as far down as it should have been as a cost saving measure, although the term 'cost saving measure' and the London Stadium are unlikely bedfellows. The lack of depth of the original design is possibly one of the reasons that the Stadium cannot properly be converted by 'dropping' down the level of the pitch, although there are those who argue it can be done.

Given the litigious nature of the LLDC's relationship with West Ham United football club it is extremely unlikely that the 'toxic' issue will be resolved any time soon, in fact such infrastructure investment will not occur until the London Stadium moves in to corporate ownership with the comensurate investment that would inevitably follow. Because the housing development is right on the 'county line' between Newham and Hackney council, there will understandably be heated debate as to who is exactly responsible for clearing up the mess, Hackney Council have encouraged the LLDC to seek advice from Public Health England who have in turn referred the matter back to the developers to resolve.

No one is going to emerge from this situation 'smelling of roses', it is hardly surprising given the levels of ineptitude that were in place during the design and construction of the London Stadium, which despite it's shortcomings is one hell of a lot better than the 'Bird Cage' or most of the other Olympic Stadia that are now either moth balled or slowly disintergrating in 'White Elephant' heaven. - Ed



Just like we all knew....Supporting the mighty hammers IS actually bad for your health!!

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I read about this ages ago nev,some scary shit buried on that site,your be getting a Radioactive mask with your programme next.

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this is one way to turn the place into a fortress. we'll play with gas masks, the opposition will simply foam at the mouth and die.

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Good idea,let's put that into practice starting with the north London scumbags ;)

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