Arnautovic Injured Playing For Austria-Fans Can't Believe It!

When one of our members in Austria contacted us to ask our opinion about Marko Arnautovic's injury picked up during the Home team's 3-0 friendly defeat by Brasil, we were taken aback and, still reeling from the news of Manuel Lanzini's dreadful anterior cruciate injury, somewhat in shock..only could it happen to West Ham! Then we saw a news clip which featured 'Arnie' and his national team manager laughing about how he would deal with the injury, which then transpired to be a fractured wrist incurred against Brasil.

Cue huge sigh of relief at the Org, not half as huge as the sighs of relief emanating from gnome towers and the souless dome, To lose one of your top players to injury while on International duty is sadly a situation that has blighted West Ham ever since the days the club provided the spine of the national team that won the World Cup way back in 1966. During the Premiership era Hammers' have lost plenty of players to injury while on international duty, most notably Dean Ashton who was the striker who never was, or hardly was due to being injured during an England training session, he did make the gruelling effort to return from serious injury which ironically negated any compensation or insurance pay outs to the club, eventually he was forced to hang up his boots when it became evident that he could no longer continue playing without risking long term complications to his health.

With Manuel Lanzini's injury on everyone's mind it was reassuring to eventually see Marko Arnautovic break into a big smile when asked how he would cope with his newly acquired injury, (translated) he said "last time I looked football was played with your feet and not with your hands, so I should be OK!" Also when questioned about possible interest from Manchester United he encouragingly said " The World Cup starts in a couple of days, then all the Press will have plenty to write about won't they?"

OK so this time fans get to breathe a sigh of relief with regarding the situation , but it does high light the risk involved with hiring top international players, they are all only one tackle or poor fall away from potential disaster. So when fans wish to see all these top players they should bear in mind the possible risks that accompany these players, as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for! West Ham United, despite what many fans believe, is not a cash rich club by a long chalk, in fact this is the first year that the club hasn't been paying off the last season's 'pay day loans' brokered from one of the mysterious off shore banking organisations based in the Bahamas.

Paying out £25-45 Million for a player may seem common place, but that is only within the budget of a few teams and such outlays can cripple a club that doesn't do due dilligence or doesn't adhere to sound financial principles, given the paucity of Manuel Pellegrini's transfer war chest only one tenth of the players deals that West Ham are currently 'linked' with will stand any chance of getting over the line, maybe not even that small percentage. Realistically the club have to hope for someone to stump up some serious transfer money having been at the 'happy pills' while looking at Videos of Hammers' players who are up for sale, and hope that the deals can be set up during the prospective purchaser's temporary insanity and be concluded rapidly!

Well at least Arnie's OK for the time being, that is of course before the Arnautovic to Manchester United story starts doing the rounds again.- Ed



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Blame this story on little ed who 'converses' with all sorts of Hammers fans around the globe in addition to learning German! Had us in a panic for a while.

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Nine mor vanking for Arnie......

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