Arnie Back To Face 'Wolves At The Door'

Hammers fans will be relieved to hear the good news coming out of the Rush Green training ground with regards to the fitness of 'main man' Marko Arnoutovic, the striker pulled up short during the 3-1 loss at the Emirates and was taken off as a precautionary measure, the fact that West Ham's performance dipped markedly after his withdrawal has not gone unnoticed. It is therefore good news for Manuel Pellegrini as he looks to get his first points as Hammers manager in the bag as his team take on newly promoted and highly fancied Wolves at the London Stadium.

The direction that El Pel wants to take the team in is pretty obvious, and given time supporters will be treated to attacking attractive football, the only issue is time, nowadays everything is so 'social media' orientated that as soon as a player breaks wind it is reported! The fact is Hammers need time to roll out the new look team and like it or not fans have just got to go along with the 'project'.

It is highly unlikely that Mark Noble's 'back injury' will have fixed itself in Pellegrini's mind ahead of the Wolves match, which will enable the 'midfield experiment' to continue because somewhere somehow there are the players in the squad to effectively toughen things up, however tyhere are probably a few 'painful' decisions that the manager has to take if he really wants the team to move forward in his image.

By the end of the international break Hammers starting line up will be totally different from the one that started against Liverpool in this season's opening fixture, certain players will feature less and less, if at all. The Premier League is an unforgiving place for teams to be, especially those lacking pace because that is what the PL is all about, pace and power, that's why people love it the World over!

We'll have further fitness reports later - Ed



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Not a
Great fan of our Pell but some interesting stats...

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4th game in and it really is a must win.....after the shameful way the team performed against Bournemouth in the second half to throw away the lead we need a performance against wolves to cheer this new look west ham side on or else the old grumbles will start to arise.....I think El Pel has already worked out that noble and wheelchair cannot play in the same side together as we look way to pedestrian there....cressy has a fight on his hands with Arthur as Pelegrini does seem to like what he brings to the side just don't let him do any defending! upfront the way the team looked less potent without Arnie is a worry....of course players are still bedding in but like you say Nev this league is an unforgiving one and with Blood in the water already teams will not fear coming to play us so it is up to the players to put on a performance that makes other sides think about what they will do against us because this wolves side and manager are not like the teams normally promoted to the prem they will finish in a decent position so we need to be strong and on the front foot from the start or it could all go pear shaped pretty quickly

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really have to close my eyes and pray cos I don't know what else to do.

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