Arnie Wants To Be Back-He Can Make Love Elsewhere!

So, having experienced the high income trophy winning football he and his greedy brother craved, ex-Hammer Marko Arnoutovic has now decided he doesn't like being where he is. The Corona pandemic has meant a total closure of football in China, and just prior to the close down, strict wage limits were introduced that meant Chinese clubs were no longer the goose that laid the Golden Egg.

Time has moved on since 'Arnie' upped sticks and left, his departure left the club in the lurch, not only that but because of he and his brother's insistence and recalcitrant actions that 'forced' his move through to Shanghai SIPG, West Ham United were unable to get 'top dollar' for the want away striker. Arnoutovic's actions consequently cost the club around £15 Million in transfer fees that could have been attained had he held his horses, but at the end of the day the club decided, quite rightly, that his presence in the dressing room was toxic and that despite the fiscal hit that it was better for him to be gone.

Having had his cake and eaten it, the 30 year old Austrian has become decidedly 'home' sick and has taken to social media stating how he would like to return to the London Stadium, and while 'HE' prospered under the tutelage of David Moyes, the benefits were mainly one way, and as soon as Arnoutovic started to receive rave reviews his brother began wrangling for a move and more money in a similar way that he did when he 'engineered' his move from Stoke City.

Quite frankly Arnoutovic needs West Ham much more than the club needs him, and the nature of his departure will live long in the memory of most Hammers' fans, the general feeling being 'thanks but no thanks', you made your bed, now lie in it, or go and make love elsewhere as the literal interpretation goes to a well known expression! - Ed



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Hes a horrid sulky Pr***! But...

All said, what a footballer! In the new era of West Ham since leaving UP I would say he was one of the best to wear the shirt in the Bowl of Misery, just behind the lovely Payet. Not very nice human beings but brought goals, excitement and delight playing in one of the worst times in our history.

Right... start sending those pelters :o)

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Payet then Arnie,immensely talented but ridiculous egos

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Turned out to be proper arseholes,and shit on us from a great height.

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im sure there are other clubs that he can go to - jog on you greedy ****

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as always in life don't crap on the people you meet on the way up because your bound to meet them on your way down. so do one !!!!!!

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So perfectly put !

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