Away To The Gooners In The 'Elk' Cup - Some Reward!

West Ham United's reward for the stunning 'Elk' Cup fight back from 2-0 down against Tottenham to a thrilling 3-2 victory at Wembley Stadium is an away fixture against Arsenal. The full draw, delayed by several hours was:

Chelsea v AFC Bournemouth
Arsenal v West Ham United
Leicester City v Manchester City
Bristol City v Manchester United

West Ham v Arsenal is due to be played on December 19th, which will cause a bit of a fixture pile up for both clubs, especially Arsenal who also have Europa League matches to contend with.



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have planed it any better!!! Just saying

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So the big 4 go through Chelsky ,Shitty ,Manua & West ham

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Burkie 1

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Arsenal? everyone knows the way to play arsenal…get stuck in …mess their hair up and they fall like dominoes.

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They defiantly do not like it up em Dicksy

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Burkie 1

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I smell a rat,top 5 kept apart,lol.all good for the sponsorship that

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Who would we like to play to get into the final, my choice would be Chelsea but you can bet it will be Manu or city. To me it looks like they want a Manchester derby final but that's just the conspiracy theory sneaking in to my mind.

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