Belated Christmas Present Arrives As Rice Signs On Long Term

Waiting until after Christmas to get a bargain in the sales is a common place thing among adults with grown up children, after all it makes sense, why spend twice the amount of money just for the sake of a few days? West Ham were in the position of having one of the Premier Leagues brightest talent tied down to an apprentice contract which, if they had liked, could have been extended a further year. Fortunately sense prevailed and the club have moved to secure Declan Rice on a five year contract with the option of a further year and a half.

The fact that the deal has been completed just ahead of the January transfer window opening is indicative of the amount of interest the 'elite' clubs have been showing in the nineteen year old defender, the club could have let things run until the end of the season, but that would have risked Rice being 'tapped up' by other clubs not adverse to using the 'dark arts' when it comes to their transfer policy.

Signing Rice up on a long term deal sends out two mesages, one that West Ham is no longer a selling club, and more importantly that the academy is alive and well, young players with the talent will get a chance, the inertia will become apparent as time moves on, and once again West Ham will be a key destination for young talent.

The Academy was famed around the World for producing a production line of brilliant players, it may have been sleeping but now it is rising phoenix like from the ashes. - Ed



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Great news - I thought he was great in front of the camera last night almost noblesque with his bunny....

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thats a good christmas present for Rice to get, and great news for us fans c.o.y.i.

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I don't think El Pel would have let him go as he is wise enough to know that Rice is the future.

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Declan was the best player for WHU when we played Southampton how many matches has he been m.o match in his 50 appearances and now he has signed this contract I think he will surpass Nobles appearances and follow in the footsteps of Bobby Moore barring injuries fingers crossed but we wish him all the best to our next future captain.

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Was only thinking yesterday how long would it be before someone comes for this guy.

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About time to,pathetic it went on as long.

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