The Best Of The Rest And The Rest Of The Best

The Barclays Premier League is essentially made up of three groups of teams, the Best, the Next best and the Best of the Rest, Tottenham are probably up in the Best and West Ham are currently in the Next best category, but these assesments can change quickly, for example a victory on Saturday at the london Stadium would propel the visitors well up in the Best of teams stakes, whereas as a similar result for the home team would reinforce their position in the Next best league table slots.

Realistically both teams have and are dealing with 'extraordinary' issues, West Ham have recruited virtually an entire new team as well as a new manager which has necessitated a bedding in period that was initially disastrous but is now showing signs of fruition despite the setback of the narrow defeat to Brighton. Tottenham are having to deal with the double whammy of having no money to buy players and the fatigue suffered by those high profile players that they had away on international duty, this is of course before they have the probably unedifying experience of playing their first home games in their new 'building site', which mock as we may will eventually become a superb stadium, even if you may have to order a burger and fries in order to pass through the turnstiles for the next twenty five years!

Defeat for either team won't be a tragedy, and a draw would probably suit Hammers more as part of Manuel Pellegrini's rebuilding work in progress, but victory for either team would cement their place in their place within the three tier league that they are battling in. If Manuel Pellegrini can string together a positive run of results all the pre-season optimism will come flooding back, if things don't go so well the sooth sayers will be out sure as eggs are eggs saying Pellegrini is past it and that the club is in turmoil!

Weirdly because of the co-incidence of playing the League match on the Saturday and the Carabao Cup match on the following Wednesday, there is a chance for both teams to avenge defeat or glorify in a 'whitewash', one would suspect that West Ham would prefer the points and the one upmanship of a victory, of course they would dearly love to 'do the double' but the three points are crucial, Tottenham fans would obviously prefer the opposite outcome, but which result will be more important to each team by the end of the season?

Realistically this season is one of building for the future for West Ham, challenging for a Champion's League spot is unrealistic even at this early stage in the season given the defeats already accrued, but a good cup run is within the club's capability, and it will be interesting to see how Pellegrini approaches both matches, it should not be forgotten that he is a pragamitist as well as being a serial winner of trophies, the League Cup opens up the door to European entry and as such is the only option that West Ham have of starting to cross the divide from the 'The Best Of The Rest And The Rest Of The Best' to the best. - Ed



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15th with only 7 points. How can we be anything but the Rest at this moment in time?

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If we achieve 10th it would be a success imo with these new players.What is pleasing for me is we are putting the effort in & as a westham fan that is all we ever expect.Should have got something in both games against brighton & the spuds,its getting there & im a hell of a lot more optimistic than i was a month or so ago.Best thing for me though is the atmosphere is getting cranked up in the stadium,im no fan of the place as most know,but i can hack it if im surrounded by thousands of passionate hammers like the old days...onwards & upwards!!COYI

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I agree with all that,pig sick about yesterday,we matched them all the way,deserved something out of it,it makes the loss worse because it was them.

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