Betway Better Watch Out Because Here Comes Corbyn's Mob!

Labour says it would ban gambling firms from advertising on football shirts if it came to power, the party's deputy leader Tom Watson said football had to "play its part in tackling Britain's hidden epidemic of gambling addiction". Nine English Premier League clubs including West Ham have kits sponsored by betting companies. Hammer's exposure to possible new legislation is more acute than others because Betway are the main source of the club's sponsorship funding due to the lack of naming rights accorded to the London Stadium, that in itself is an issue that needs to be addressed urgently but is lurching from broken promise to broken promises.

With gambling on football worth a record £1.4bn to bookmakers last year there is clearly cause for concern, there are high roads in certain areas where the only new businesses are bookies, the bookies on-line presence is enormous as is their media presence. This high profile saturation is obviously going to bring the situation to the fore, the problem is, and it is a big IF, Labour do somehow contrive to get elected they will set about 'dismantling' the betting networks without due diligence and end up causing massive problems.

Mr Watson, who is also Labour's shadow culture secretary, said the shirt sponsorship deals gave gambling companies "massive exposure". "Shirt sponsorship sends out a message that football clubs don't take problem gambling among their own fans seriously enough," he said. "It puts gambling brands in front of fans of all ages, not just at matches but on broadcasts and highlights packages on both commercial television and the BBC."

Labour said rules banning gambling adverts on under-18s teams' shirts should be extended to all sides under the Football Association's remit, It said it would work with the FA to achieve this before considering legislation. The FA has already announced the end of it's deal with Ladbrokes which has clearly set the tone, and pressure will mount on club's to disassociate themselves with bookmaking sponsors whichever Party rules in future Governments.

Rumour has it that Ray Winstone is going to start a petition against any proposed change in legislation, after all Bet 365 pays him the money that enables him to have a box at the ground of his Betway sponsored club!



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it won't happen…..I'll put money on it….

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I bet it will. I'll give you good odds

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I'll put my shirt on the fact it'll never get under starters orders and that's the full SP.....

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