Billic Rumours Are Damaging The Club Says Ex-Hammer

Because of the recent poor run of form and also because it has been International break week, the tabloids and to a certain extent social media have been conducting a 'Billic witch hunt'. The Telegraph being the latest to jump on board by declaring 'Huddersfield Town manager David Wagner has emerged as a potential candidate for the West Ham job if the owners decide in the summer that Slaven Bilic is not the man to take the club forward in the long term.' Well there you have it, it must be true mustn't it? After all the story was brought to you by the paper that exposed FIFA's corruption, but therein lies the problem, just because a journalist got it right once doesn't mean their news outlet is always right.
"Billic has got enough to contend with at the moment and he doesn't need 'bad mouthing from the board that let him down so badly in the transfer market, their signings were as useless this season as they were brilliant the last! Slaven needs to be left to deal with ensuring top flight survival, which is by no means guaranteed rather than having to watch his back!" So said Hammers legend Tony Gale, he was of course referring to David Sullivan's next three matches are vital speech, which apart from stating the obvious comes across as a very clumsy attempt at 'manager motivation', something best left to an expert sports psychologist not an amateur, if well meaning club owner. Now more than ever is a time to baton down the hatches and exude solidarity, there are plenty of 'sharks sniffing blood' and it seems pointless to provide them with what they want. Think, feel but don't speak publicly should be the order of the day for both David Sullivan and David Gold, engaging in 'twatter spats' and sound bites isn't necessary, after all they own the club and really don't need to state the obvious.
A message to Mr Gold and Mr Sullivan, keep your own counsel, keep your powder dry and wait until the end of the season and sit down with clear's what the vast majority of fans want! - Ed



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Allardyce getting any different treatment ( bearing in mind he took over a shambles and turned it into a stabilised unit) so why should Bilic ( bearing in mind, we are heading back into a shambles) be any different?

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Couldn`t agree more Nev.

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