Bore Draw Against Ze Austrians Shows Need For Strikers!

For those who watched it, West Ham United's opening friendly match was rather one to forget, few positives were on show, mainly negatives! OK so Slaven Billic fielded two different teams for each half, hence some of the disjointed play, but first half saw Robert Snodgrass prove why he will go down as one of the club's worst ever purchases, at Hull he was a big fish in a small pond, at West Ham he looks totally out of his depth at despite what your personal opinion may be is a much 'bigger' club. Snoddy was useless, he was off the pace, delivered bugger all from set pieces and was unable to pick a decent pass!
Perhaps this reviewer had a hard day, but it was difficult not to nod off during the second half. The one thing that can be taken from the eventual 0-0 draw was that the club desperately need a proven striker or two, it's not rocket science, just plain facts! -n Ed



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ah balls.

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It's not rocket science, is it?

Watched both Zabaleta's and Slaven's comments on the Official Site. Zabaleta seems like a seasoned professional who could go either way: jaded if we don't get any decent strikers in, or settled and a good influence if we are making progress. It's absolutely clear, though, that he's seen better outfits, and he knows it.

Slaven revealed a couple of interesting points: the team hasn't been scoring any goals in training, so it's no surprise they didn't score in the friendly. Also: he says Cheikh took a "weird" knock to the knee. It's the weird injuries that often require surgery -- I'll breathe easier when we hear he is fine.

This post used to be called "Fans get ripped off" -- I still think that's true, but I'm trying to put a positive face on things.

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