Carroll & 'Balconygate' True Or False?

The main element of a 'fake news' story is that there has to be some form of tangability or credability in order for the deception to succeed, so as rumours that West Ham United striker Andy Carroll picked up a serious injury whilst drunkenly attempting to climb up a Hotel balcony in order to avoid having been caught breaking the players' club curfew, the signs are that either someone with an agenda has created a furore about the perpetually injured player or that there might be more than a smidging of truth to the story, the fact that fellow 'injuree' Winston Reid was supposed to be involved in the late night naughtiness seems so over the top that it too may be true!

This 'supposed' sequence of events have only come to light following the club's official statement released on Thursday:
West Ham United have confirmed that Andy Carroll and Winston Reid will be sidelined for three months due to ankle and knee injuries respectively, both players will require surgery on the problems and will miss the opening stages of the season as a result, returning home early from the club's pre-season training camp in Switzerland.

It may be a coincidence, however it is rather strange the news that both players should suddenly require surgery comes just days after each were given a glowing assesment by the medical team, so who is kidding who? Whilst the jury might still be out on 'Winnie' Reid's activities, 'Big Andy's' past will surely work against him, any thoughts that he may have had to endeer himself to new manager Manuel Pellegrini by producing his immaculately dentured smile will have dissipated before you can say 'January transfer window'. Even if the story proves to be untre, the fact that Andy Carroll has picked up yet another injury will surely be enough to convince "el Pel' and the 'Huse' that persisting with any sort of plans involving Big Andy would be pointless.

Fans have tried to adore Carroll, give him the 'love' to recover from his injuries and show what a tremendous footballer he is, and briefly but all too briefly he did give hope, but to paraphrase Bubbles, then like our dreams they fade and die. Probably better for all concerned that some other club can be the recipient of something that might have been! - Ed



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if it is true, then as the injury is non work associated, he should be off without pay.

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Funny thing that every time a transfer window comes be it summer or winter Sick note is unavailable, he might have made a bollocks this time as he has broken a club curfew Hope this is true, then I think G&S might just possibly sack him, and I would think they have the right to give him instant dismissal, good job too, you can see what this guy up too, fantastic contract run it down to 2020 and then go somewhere nice and sunny bye -bye West Ham took all you for a load of mugs see you later, terminating his contract may seem a bit harsh, you might think, but look how many managers has he F*cked about? the last one with Moyes, when Carrol pulled out with knee injury hours before the kick off -Moyes said he had a scan and nothing showed up but Carrol didnt appear for the next 3 weeks. I'say sack him Save the club£90,000 a week because no club is going to touch him with a barge pole And then he goes on a free so he might as well go now sooner than later and save the club some money

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Surely if true coupled with past antics we will have a case for dissmisal of his services ( or should I say lack of )

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that 3 month injury lay off has now been upped to 4 months and we all no it will get upped again..the sooner we are finished with this employee(can never call him a player!) the better...another leftover from the bfs era.

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Either pay him off or sack him. There seems a hell of a lot of co incidences involving him each season.

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His contract wasnt bad was it??jeez youve got to laugh

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I've said all along the old liquor or the angel dust is his problem ,no one gets an injury that lasts for 3years on and off ,should have dropped him a couple of years ago

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Burkie 1

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Ankle and knee injuries, sounds like the Driscoll Brothers have............

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