Carroll Injured Even Before Newcastle Game

Take it with whichever size grain of salt you like, but there is a particularly worrying story on social media regarding the fitness, or lack of it, of Hammers striker Andy Carroll. According to an airport facilities worker who wished to remain unnamed, the 6'4" Geordie striker celebrated his return to the region by missing the last steps and falling arkwardly on the stairs leading down from the Plane arriving at Newcastle International Airport that West Ham had taken for their fixture against Newcastle, ironically it was felt the long coach journey would have a detremental effect on players' D.V.T ratings!

Although Hammers' staff were tight lipped regarding the incident, apparently "there was nothing much too it, Andy just stumbled down the last few steps and pulled up a little gingerley as a result, he'll be perfectly OK". In any other circumstances and at any other club this would not be a newsworthy item, but this is Andy Carroll and the club is West Ham United, what better calamitous combination coud you possibly conjure up" And it's Panto season!

If comfirmed, some conspiracy theorists will see this latest injury as part of deliberate programme to ensure that Hammers will yet again be denied the services of the ex-england striker, even in the final twelve months of his contract. There's bad luck, even worse bad luck and then tjere is Andy Carroll, how many cats has he run over? How may ladders has he walked under? And don't even go in to how many mirrors he has broken, the player is a one man demolition squad, and his target is himself!

The Geordies up at St James' Park might just have to miss out on seeing Big Andy, but then again perhaps his poecerlain body migh just be up foe one more showing 'before the lights come down'. It could only happen to West Ham. - Ed



A.C comes back after his obligatory 6 months injury & to celebrate his homecoming rocks up at Wetherspoons in the departure lounge a few hours before the rest of the squad...fake news or just another sorry episode in the world of "New Westham"?? I know what my money's on!!

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Always said it ,the poor guy has an liquor problem ,where else can an alco stay drink like the clappers and stay in bed all day and get 90k a week

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What a load of cobblers - Airport worker was on a back hander, complete tosh.....

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