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For too long West Ham United has been seen as a last hurrah destination for players who might have been good once but have reached the end of the line, a sort of retirement half way home. Now, possibly as an unforeseen positive byproduct of the club's current FFP restrictions, it appears that Manuel Pellegrini is beginning to dip in to the vast amount of young talent at his disposal.

Fans have been screaming out for a replacement midfielder as back up to Declan Rice, and they definitely don't want Carlos Sanchez! Like many old has beens that have rocked up at the club in the past, Sanchez promptly got injured and spent the rest of the season in the medical centre. There are many who question why the club acquired Sanchez in the first place when there are academy players available who are much more mobile, the reason is Manuel Pellegrini quickly recognised the need to integrate younger players in to the first team squad but knew he couldn't throw them all in to the mix at once, preferring to introduce them one at a time.

As a result of prudent player integration, Declan Rice will soon not be alone as 'one of our own' in the match day squads of the future, he will be joined by Grady Diangana when he returns from his loan spell at West Brom. West Ham’s alternative solution to the defensive midfield conundrum could be right under their noses in the form of teenager Conor Coventry who has shown that he has all the ingredients to become a future star.

The 19 year old, who helped fill the void for Republic of Ireland left by Declan Rice's change of allegiance, currently captains the U23 side and his performances have been consistent for the academy and although he might be young, he is only a year behind Rice. Given Sanchez’s poor form, Coventry could get his opportunity, he was included in the recently published official first team photograph.

Manuel Pellegrini will give him a chance in the 'Moose' cup against Newport County, it is to be hoped that he grabs the opportunity to cement a place ahead of the much derided Sanchez. - Ed



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Sanchez is an accident waiting to happen so give the kid a chance lets face it as fans we are more likely to forgive the lad a mistake as he's still learning than a seasoned limited ability pro like Sanchez making blunders in the middle of the park

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Sanchez couldn't trap a bag of cement, or pass water, in fact a one legged man fresh from an arse kicking contest would be a better option in midfield. I've been tracking young Coventry's progress, get him in the team quick oh barnet quaffed one!!!

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