Could The Shrewd Signing Of Nasri Offset Arnie's 'Out Of Itch'?

The Barclays Premier league is the most popular and lucrative franchise of Football in The World, it may be called Soccer in the USA but to the rest of the World it is Football! The style of play is unique, no other league around the globe can boast such guaranteed 'gladitorial' confrontations between the top players in the world.

La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, the Bundesliga and indeed the MLS are able to 'boast' their own plethora of expensive talent, but it the EPL that ranks supreme! Conjecture and rumour had always been the order of the day in the past, but given the massive fiscal clout of the 'hunters', even the lowliest of British clubs have been able to 'see off' Eureopean opposition when it came to getting their hands on new players.

The Arnie's 'Out Of Itch'? syndrome was perhaps inevitable given the player's age and the fact that his Agent is also his brother, if Arnoutovic were to be sold during this window Hammers are believed to be asking in excess of £60 Million to get the deal over the line, small change in the greater scheme of things.

The expression goes as one door closes another one opens, if 'Arnie decides to go, then he will do so having been a mini legend at the London Stadium, a far cry from the man that got sent off on his first match against Southampton.

Be Lucky- Ed



Westham fans are better than that

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Na can't see it 65,let's get the full story before any nastys

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Burkie 1

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Rmbr when we thought shit manure were in for him and we all thought well thats him gone because he was at that time by far the best player in the prem league but Fergie for some reason or other never followed up on it and he has been quoted as saying"it was one of my biggest regrets ever in not getting him"......Arnies substitution and the way he waved to the fans seems to indicate a man who was saying goodbye but who knows maybe he may have a change of heart and realise what he could be leaving....China can wait for a couple of years mate you are too good to waste that talent over there...and how much money do you really need? think about football and not the wallet because if he goes then he will regret it more than we do i think

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