Dimi Dimi The Translator's Taking The Jimmy

Dimitri Payet's translated response during an interview with French TV show Telefoot in answer to a 'leading' question was: "Leave in January? I'm asking other questions right now, but I haven't closed the door to anything. "Until now, I always chose my clubs depending on the sports project, I work like that. Until I can play at a level like this, it will be the case. Go to Paris Saint-Germain or return to Marseille? For now, they have not come to me, so I do not ask myself."
Hmm, we are not great believers in 'translations' and don't usually place much importance on the way they are 'manipulated', however when they relate to West Ham United's star player then they need to be examined for clarification.
The interview was over 24 minutes in length and was essentially a bit like 'this is your life'! Follow this link if you want to see the full sequence that was broadcast. A native of france (see how translations can distort things) has confirmed to us that Dimitri Payet speaks in a very colloquial accent, the interpretation of which is similar to asking a cockney to interpret a drunken geordie or vice versa! So essentially Dimi's response was to a question that was not asked of his own volition, and as such his response was very 'france orientated', hence the mention of PSG and Marseille, but if viewers watch the actual TV programme they will see how prominently and with great admiration and affection West Ham and it's supporters are featured. Big names make big headlines, that is the way of the world so whether it be a sic transit gloria mundi or a sick transit glory mondeo, the vagueries of the interpretation are immense and open to confusion. A throw away comment lasting a few seconds does not necessarily precede a major event, although this is not to suggest that all things are rosy at the London Stadium, far from it, but the way the media have jumped on this is indicative of the anti-West Ham agenda that is so prevalent at the moment, it's all too easy to jump on the bandwagon.
The facts are quite simple, no player is bigger than the club in supporters minds, and no club is bigger than the player in the player's minds, simples! Payet will either stay or be sold during the January transfer window, and if and it is a big if, he does go it will be for a king's ransom.
Perhaps West Ham United's owners and to some extent it's fans have tried to 'live the dream' too quickly, some might say well why not? Little old west 'am trying to compete with the big boys? It will never do will it? But what is wrong with dreaming and to have hope? The irony is that IF Payet was sold it would not be to a Premier Legue competitor which is good, but the money would then be used to finance the purchase of a 'marquee' striker who would not be able to rely on the services of one of the best crossers of the ball in Europe and possibly the world! Given the fact that Dimitri Payet costs West Ham United £125,000 per week, one would have thought the club would have employed a full time interpreter in order to avoid or dispel the sort of confusion that is currently occurring, it makes no sense to have a player 'hung out to dry' on the strength of 'someones' interpretation, what if they were a Tottenham or Chelsea fan? - Ed



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All I can say is if Payet is allowed to leave then Bilic won't be far behind him. Whether that be voluntarily is another matter.

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My sentiments entirely Nev just more eloquently put :o)

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