The Dockers Derby: West Ham And Millwall

The rivalry between West Ham United and Millwall is deeply embedded into British hooliganism folklore.

We have been rivals for over a century, and although we have not had many opportunities to face each other in recent decades, the Dockers Derby remains one of the bitterest rivalries in English football.

The history between us goes back the end of the 19th century when we were known as Thames Ironworks and they were Millwall Athletic. At the time we were both located in the East End of London – less than three miles apart.

Our first meeting took place in the fifth qualifying round of the FA Cup on the 9th of December 1899 where Millwall Athletic ran out 2-1 winners.

The rivalry between both sets of supporters was huge, not just because of the short distance apart, but that most of the fanbases were made up of dockers at shipyards on either side of the River Thames. This meant that at work both sets of supporters were competing for the same business.

Although we’ve both relocated over the years, our move to the London Stadium in 2016 means that we are now only less than four miles apart once again, with Millwall a few stops down the tube at Bermondsey and the New Den.

The 'Dockers Derby' is a rivalry that has only been played out twice in the history of the top flight. This came in the 1988-89 Division One season which was the first of only two seasons that Millwall would spend in the top tier. We won both home and away but were unfortunately relegated the same campaign.

When Millwall came down the following season we would meet in the second tier. This time we took four points from the two meetings on our way to promotion.

These make up four of the 24 meetings between the two clubs as we have only spent 12 seasons in the same Football League division together. We have won eight and lost five – splitting 11 draws between us.

After Millwall won the first-ever Dockers Derby in the FA Cup back in 1899, we have won the only other clash in Europe’s oldest club cup competition, in 1930.

Whilst we probably only need one win at most from our final four games to ensure our Premier League status, Millwall are currently sitting in the playoff places in the Championship. However, with Fulham, Aston Villa and Middlesbrough all there – few would dare back the Lions in the football betting that they will be playing us in the top flight next 



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God forbid ,thats all we need

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Burkie 1

The ridiculous position of "our" stadium,with acres of open concrete land,next to a bleeding great shopping mall with stewards who wouldnt know their arse from their elbow,does not bear thinking about...

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You are so right there.At Upton Park,when we played them last,all the pubs were closed in the vicinity,and contained their supporters by taking them round the residences so to stop any confrontation at the front of the ground.How on earth could this be done at Stratford,all the pubs on the broadway,and surrounding area,let alone Westfield bars,shops etc,dont bare thinking about.

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Millwall? in the prem league? hahahahahahaha.

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We'll be facing them in the Championship.

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Playing mill wall and brum in the championship is gona make these shysters in the boardroom squirm.

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