Durham Shut Your Mouth & Deano You Should Know Better

Harry Redknapp was quick to 'rubbish' Adrain Durham's negative diatribe regarding Jack Wilshere signing for West Ham, agent provocateur Durham, as he would like to be thought of, or big mouthed wind up merchant that he actually is, did his absolute upmost to suck any positivity out of the transfer news. Old'Arry on the other hand was of the opinion that it is a fantastic move for the player and the club, he also took umbrage at Durham referencing West Ham as a 'small' club citing the massive attendances at the London Stadium.

Now Durham, know matter what you think about him personally is a professional, his job is to agitate and invoke a response from listeners to his Talk Sport radio show, and he is very good at it which is why he can be forgiven for his comments, doubtless he will be annoying someone else's club today. However the comments made by Dean Ashton, who many Hammers fans see as 'one of our own' has taken to the media to completely 'diss' Wilsher's transfer to West Ham United, both before it happened and once it was confirmed.

Quite why 'Deano' decided to go public in such a negativite way is almost beyond comprehension, he could easily have kept his thoughts to himself, instead he just sounds like a kid that doesn't want to play anymore and is taking the ball home with him! Bearing in mind what happened to Dean Ashton from an injury point of view, fans would have assumed that he would at least have been sympathetic and supportive of Wilshere and that his comments were really a case of 'the pot calling the kettle black', especially bearing in mind that West Ham did not receive any type of financial settlement when 'Deano' was injured whilst training with England, furthermore because he managed to return to the first team briefly before finally having to admit defeat and have his ankle 'fused' in a career ending operation, the club were unable to claim on their insurance policies which stated that once a player had returned to 'full fitness', even briefly, that there would be no pay out.

So, Durham shut your mouth and Deano you should know better! - Ed



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As far as I can see all he's said is that 13 league games a season ain't enough. Not wrong about that. It's Wheelchair's job to prove him wrong. The board have signed him for free. there really wasn't any competition. Chancy signing that may come good or not. Hardly a statement of intent.

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Played 38 games last season and 27 the season before. Only missed games at the start of last season because he fractured his leg for bournemouth. But he actually fit for majority of last season, and we comfortably there best midfielder

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I read Deano's tweet, which was where I got my figure. I guess he should get his facts straight. He did say "13 lg games"; don't know if that makes a difference.

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