Even Anti-West Ham London Mayor Sadiq Khan Calls For Unity!

Despite having West Ham United firmly in his cross hairs, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has backed the calls for unity issued by captain Mark Noble and Sir Trevor Brooking by issuing a press release from City Hall today. In the release the Mayor confirmed the stadium operators LS185, the London Legacy Development Corporation, the Metropolitan Police and West Ham United, all members of the Safety Advisory Group, collectively agreed significantly enhanced security plans for this weekend’s Premier League fixture against Southampton at one of their regular meetings before home games.
For Saturday’s game, there will be:
A significant increase in the number of stewards both in the stands and pitch-side response teams
Police units both inside and outside the stadium
Measures to reduce free flow around the stadium

The cost of these will be met by London taxpayers, due to the previous terms agreed, these measures have been put in place following the incidents in the second half of the fixture against Burnley at the London Stadium on Saturday 10 March to provide additional reassurance around the safety and security of the stadium for fans of both teams. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “I fully support Sir Trevor Brooking and West Ham captain Mark Noble’s open letters to fans, urging them to back the team on Saturday. Nobody wants to witness scenes like those during the last home game, which were caused by a small minority. The safety of all supporters and visitors to the London Stadium is of paramount importance.”

Hammers' manager David Moyes has the unenviable task of lifting his players up for what is being billed as West Ham United's match of the season, the furore surrounding stadium security, it's cost and all the other negative headlines are not exactly the best back drop for encouraging positivity, however there are those in the sport who believe recent events will encourage a 'siege' mentality among the players who must know they have been dreadfully under performing for most of this season. It is ironic that West Ham United moved to the 'iconic' London Stadium in order to pursue Champion's League football following on from the inspired form of the last season at the much loved Boleyn Ground, however the club find themselves in a 'battle royale' just to survive.

At least the 'King that spits' AKA Authur Masuaku is back following his six match ban, during which time West Ham have won 1, drawn 1 and lost 4. It is to be hoped his speedy presence on the wing will help put visitors Southampton on the back foot, although it should be remembered that Masuaku hasn't played competitively for almost three months and will obviously be 'ring rusty'. Fears that Manuel Lanzini will be unavailable have abated somewhat as it now transpires his non-appearance fro Argentina's second friendly during the International break was precautionary rather than the direct result of an injury, although Lanzini himself will admit his stop start campaign to this season hasn't been ideal as it has been marred by injuries in addition to the ban he picked up from The Premier League
for 'simulation', and as Hammers' chief creative player it is essential he be allowed to get on the ball offensively rather than be mired in a 'bulked up' midfield, he is at his best running at players.

Fortunately most of the players who went off on international duty have returned with just a couple of bumps and bruises, however midfielder Cheik Kouyate did return suffering from a virus that prevented him from captaining Senegal but generally with the exception of James Collins 'the Ginger Pele' who will have a late fitness test, it should be possible to select a team that is more than capable of seeing off the opposition. However given the toxic atmosphere of recent matches it will be vital to ensure the team do not concede too early on in the match, otherwise all the fans' frustrations of recent weeks will boil over again and create an equally toxic environment.

Southampton will be buoyed up by their new manager Mark Hughes who will be looking to repeat the 'bounce' effect that Swansea have experienced following the appointment of their new manager, on paper this match should be a West Ham United win, but games are not played on paper and Hammers are oh so fragile at the moment that it won't take too much to 'bring the house down' at the London Stadium which at the best of times is rarely inspiring. The increased security will reassure those fans attending, particularly those with young children, however the debate about who pays for the additional security looks set to rumble on and on.

It really is to be hoped that Saturday's match isn't a groundhog day, rather a celebration of all things good by a team that rises to the occasion, backed by their loyal and vocal fans who are recognised as some of the best supporters in the World. C.O.Y.I - Ed



The best protest in the stadium should be made with the crowd making one voice backing the team. Cliche, I know, but with the football world looking on (at least the English football world ! ) we cannot afford any trouble and then being punished with any points deduction. Its a very sad state of affairs and to be honest we all knew it was on the cards as soon as the move was confirmed. The owners have been nothing short of calamitous in their running of all things West Ham. If we make it through this season still in the Premier League I'll be happy. If we don't the owners surely have to look at palming us off and ASAP..

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I think the opposite mate ,you say "if we make it through the season still in the prem you'll be happy "does that mean your prepared to countenance them staying on as owners ,personally i think if we do go south then their welcome to it ,they can have it ,you see if we dont mount some sort of protest then we are complicit in us goin down we have to let them know why we hold them accountable ,a bad result today and its virtually over ,it appears to me that we are the meat in the sandwich ,we are the true west ham fans the love most of us feel for the club is palpable ,the players ?sure they feel an emotional bond but when its over they will go elsewhere and in a couple of years they wont even remember west ham ,the owners ?well Gold is getting on a bit and to be honest he might welcome getting away Lady Brady ?she s got ambitions in the political division's, the fly in the face cream is Sully he seems to be agitator in chief ,bit like Frank Sinatra he does things his way ,hes a stubborn son of a bitch he seem to want to create a football dynasty for his family .
So yes any form of non violent protest is ok with me

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Burkie 1

Stay up or go down,or go into oblivion,it matters not...these 3 are responsible for the mess the club is in & i fear Westham will never be the same again.

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I agree a proper mess,its not the same now.

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