Hammers Co-Owners Conspicuous By Their Silence!

Who would have thought it? Nearly a quarter of the way in to the season and despite stumping up the best part of £100 Million and signing a World Class manager in Manuel Pellegrini, West Ham United's co-owners David Gold and David Sullivan have been conspicuous by their absence in the media. So rare have there been any comments from the two Davids that rumours persist as to whether the elderly duo have in fact been abducted by Aliens, it would seem the only logical way of explaining their silence. They have neither criticised when things were awful nor gloated when things took a turn for the bettter, they have not sought 'the love of the fans' nor to take any credit for the club's movement in the right direction, instead they are content to bask in the glory of knowing that they actually got something right, in fact something exceptional!

This season is like no other for West Ham, the broken promises, poor form and general malaise surrounding the club has been cast aside, even having such a poor start in a way has focused how superb the recent progress has been. Very few fans thought the team would acquire the points they have during the month of September with many fearing no points at all. At the helm Manuel Pellegrini looked a little brow beaten and jaded as he tried to gel all his new recruits, with some questioning whether his time in China had blunted his skill set.

The Co-Owners are now being rewarded for having kept the faith, and for having kept their mouth's shut! It must be empowering to see part of their plan finally bare fruition, not that they can rest on their laurels as there is still much to be done with regards the London Stadium. The atmosphere on Saturday was electric, as has been for many other games particularly those under the lights, fans will forgive dodgy sight lines and the odd faff about draught beer, realistically they could sell draught milk and no one would mind so long as the team keeps on performing to the highest level with endevour, that's just about all people want, the rest is just window dressing.

How long will the Aliens keep hold of Sully and Gold and where are they now? Well remember El Pel went on a 'little visit' to Chile and then suddenly 'popped up' back at Rush Green with no fanfare or pre-announcement, as though he had never been away? We think he has dropped of the pair with revolutionaries whose ransom note has been'delayed' due to a technicality, apparently it is scheduled for delivery by Mark McKay just after the January transfer window closes.

The future is bright the Chairmen are quiet! - Ed



To not hear a peep out of them!!None of the "we are westham fans from birth",""im an east end boy" blah,blah,bollocks...
"World class team,world class stadium,this player is shite",blah,blah bollocks!!
Just let it happen & it just maybe at last,then sit back,shut up & bask in the glory...

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they're scared that Pellegrini will kill them. cross the old man at your peril.

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It's about time they kept shtum,it's just ExWHUemployee now, he ain't just give us the team sheet for tonight,he has also told us the score ;)

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Things must be buzzing in the dildo business.

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Lovely in it

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