Hammers To Put Carroll In The Shop Window Ahead Of January

The usual scenario when Hammers striker Andy Carroll returns from one of his perrenial long term injuries is that he comes back for a couple of games, gets his Mojo back, plays a blinder and then picks up yet another injury, usually a long term one! The process of recovery then begins again as he takes back his permanently reserved place in the Kieron Dyer memorial ward of the club's medical facilities, however Carroll's potential return was temporarily suspended despite him being fit and available for the Manchester City game, was this part of a cunning plan?

In the past Carroll has been rushed back, usually far too early, because he was relatively vital to the team, but his pivotal role as striker number one was never cemented due to the horrendous amount of injuries he has acquired during his Hammers career, the pivotal role that he was supposed to fulfill has now been filled by Marko Arnoutovic. Manuel Pellegrini will have been only too aware of Big Andy's history, Carroll's bones being made of such a delicate material that Chinese bone china manufacturers have requested the formula, ha is if he would give up that particular secret.

A return in the squad to face Newcastle, the club that sold him for a british record £35 Million to Liverpool back in the day, may well give the Toon a chance to see what they've missed and a chance for Big Andy to put himself in the shop window, or more accurately a chance for West Ham to put him in the shop window ahead of January. The club has already got a replacement to fill the 'perennially injured on big money' slot in the form of 'Limping' Jack Wilshere, so Carroll isn't needed anymore!

Who on earth would want to buy Carroll, even when temporarily fit? Well, there's always a mug around somehwere isn't there? After all during his loan spell and his six year contract Carroll will have received just shy of £30 Million in wages, which added to the £15 Million plus fees West Ham eventually paid Liverpool to make the deal permanent works out at a little less than £50 Million. Carroll has scored 33 League goals during the entire period which equates to a cost of roughly £1.6 Million per goal, his agent Mark Curtis must have laughed himself stupid when he emerged from the meeting where Carroll was signed, he might even have given someone a Villa as a thank you for helping get the deal over the line although we are not allowed to mention who.

Pellegrini has got enough on his plate at the moment without having to try and accomodate a 'Unicorn' of a player, returning for probably the briefest of moments before the inevitable injury occurs, after all it is nearly Christmas the pantomine season starts shortly and the Hammers medical team know only too well to look behind them! - Ed



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Maybe the plan is to not play him, just keep him 'fixed' give the medical team and break over the holidays and maybe he can pass a medical somewhere and help one of the relegation candidates for 1 month of the 5 he'll be fit for before the end of the season!

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'pass a medical somewhere'….? have you been drinking heavily sir?

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yes, yes I have

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it might be a plan to play him the last 15 mins of games, hopefully have an impact on the game and then sell to who ever makes a bid !!!!!

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They are supposed to have hospital facilities out there. he can put him in the window all he likes 1st club that comes after him, if any, in January he will be injured he' agent negotiated a brilliant contract that he will see out until the summer 85,000 a year for 40 games, do the math as they say in the USA or I suppose he could top up his retirement fund in China.

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