Hammers Transfer Supremo Confirms Usage Of Window Extension

With the Premier League transfer window closing on the 9th of August there will be a flurry of activity regarding players arriving at 'cash rich' predominately English clubs, however the European window doesn't close until the 31st of August which means that Premier league teams are still able to sell players to non UK based teams until that window closes but they will be unable to buy.

Essentially West Ham United, along with several other clubs but to a greater degree, have decided to 'max out' the first part of the window with inbound purchases while they are able, ahead of sanctioning wholesale departures away from the club to non UK destinations once the domestic window has closed.

Hammers' head of recruitment Mario Husillos has confirmed that the club were going all out to bring in ' a couple' more, but only if they represented an improvement over the players they would be replacing, further more he confirmed that there would be several departures of players from the club ahead of the 9th of August but there would be several more before the 31st.

This statement is supposed to confirm the club's desire to only sell 'high profile ' players to clubs where there is little chance of retribution domestically, Cheikou Kouyate anyone? - Ed



Hopefully, not Antonio. But probably Fernandez and Obiang.

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hope we keep Pedro but Fernandez is very overrated IMO

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While I also wouldn't like to see him leave,although he had a few injuries he just seemed to run out of steam in a lot of games,whether he struggled to get match fitness he was always to me a 60 minute man, for me a good off the bench player

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Burkie 1

I can't agree with Antonio being a 60 minute man. Firstly I'd say because of injury he never reached the fitness level (or maybe even confidence level because of injuries) of the previous season. Also the work he did for the team would burn anyone out before the 90. Trying to cover for our poor midfield last season would kill a marathon runner. I'd think he would last 90 with better players actually doing their job properly. Having said that he may have to change the way he plays with this regime.

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Antonio did quite well against Angers SCO. He looked lively and seemed to have got over his injury. All he needs is more playing time to get into his energetic self, like he did so in first season with the club. This mid table French club seemed to have young players that really covered the whole pitch. Only their lack of creativeness in their finishing let them down. To me Pellegrini has a lot of work to get this squad a level higher if West Ham aims to finish in the top six.

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they seemed to go through our defence easily, have not seen anything from Anderson yet that thrills me??

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Im convinced Anderson will be a top player for us

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