Has Kia Joorabchian Become David Sullivan In Absentum?

Now that Mario Husillos is at the helm of West Ham United player recruitment fans could be forgiven for believing that the Hammers' hierarchy, particularly David Sullivan had taken a step back from the active end of things, however given the recent and impending transfer activity the question has to be asked "Has Kia Joorabchian become David Sullivan in absentum?".



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That's all I want to know. Well, actually ... Kia is a shady dealer, known to us from the Tevez fiasco. He didn't do WHUFC any favours at the time. Not only was he instrumental in us losing £20M to Shitfield United, he screwed us on the Tevez transfer to Manure. Carlitos went to Manure for a £2M fee (that's right), which WHUFC later paid back with fees (£2.6M), then was sold on to Manchester City for £47M. All up the Tevez dealings represent a loss of potential to WHUFC of £73M, when you include the fine. And that's the tip of the iceberg. But hey, is Kia going to swing the Anderson deal????

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Would rather stay well clear of Kia the slippery bugger, even if it mean missing out on Andersen

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in this business, they are all slippery buggers. better the one we know than the ones we don't imo.

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