An Image All Hammers Fans Have Been Waiting For-Lanzini Back Training

It is hard to imagine the consequences and how far reaching the effect of the long term serious injury sustained by Manuel Lanzini while training with the Argentine national team ahead of last summer's FIFA World Cup in Russia. For the player himself the injury was devastating, Lanzini was just about to fulfill his lifetime's dream of representing his country in a major tournament, furthermore his guide and mentor was none other than one of the greatest football players in the World, Lionel Messi.

The injury must have been heartbreaking for the player nick named 'the little gem', and while it was a terrible event, injuries are part and parcel of the modern game. However apart from the dreadful personal effect the injury had on Lanzini, it also had a profound effect on the fortunes of West Ham United. The club had already had one season ruined having been forced to cope without the creative guille of Dimitri Payet following his incredibly disloyal forced move to Olympic Marseille, so to have the planning of virtually an another entire season ruined was bad luck indeed, although there are those who would say planning a team around one player is highly unadvisable, putting your eggs all in one basket etc.

Samir Nasri fleetingly showed the creative spark that has been so sorely missed all season, that was before he succumbed to the traditional 'initiation' injury that all new West Ham players have to endure. During the matches Nasri played Hammers looked a different team, it is to be hoped that Manuel Pellegrini will soon not only be able to call on the services of the 'little gem', but also those of Nasri as well! - Ed



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by friday we will hear that Lanzini has suffered a slight knock in training and we all know what that means

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hope they don't bring him back too soon.

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