Irons Catastrophic Injuries Likely To Get Worse

Until the season was temporarily curtailed, most Barclays Premier League teams had or previously were afflicted by substantial injury lists, the hustle and bustle and frenetic nature of the 'best football league in the World' means players pick up far more injuries than their European and Continental counterparts.

Given West Ham United's historically long term sick list every season, it shouldn't really be a surprise that this season has been no exception, the club have an almost 'legendary' treatment room that has proved to be so attractive players seem to prefer spending their time there rather than actually playing!

The list of the long term injured over the last few years is astonishing, an also incredibly expensive given the club's propensity for handing out long term contracts to the 'walking wounded', time and again the same mistake has been made by different recruitment hierarchies and regimes. So it will be with a feeling of dread that the Hammers medical and support staff return to work, many of the players taking the tentative steps back to training will have never had as much time off in their entire professional careers, except those who have been perpetually injured, but even they had regime they had to adhere to.

The issue here is that to bring a player up to full match fitness in a short space of time is a Herculean task, all the niggles and grizzles that have been left to 'ferment' will only come back with a vengeance if players are rushed back too soon. Current Newcastle manager, Steve Bruce, has called for a delay in the season's proposed re-start date by at least a further week, meaning the 1st of July would be the earliest possible date for the resumption, it should be remembered that Newcastle are safe from relegation so Bruce has no vested interest in delaying the season's start, only concern for the injuries that players could pick up as a result of being pushed in to starting too soon in order to satisfy the 'broadcasters' appetite!

David Moyes has also questioned the proximity of the start date but has acquiesced in order to ensure West Ham aren't seen in a similar bad light as when Lady Brady called, quite rightly but at the wrong time, called for the season to be nullified, unfortunately due to the vast sums of money involved that was never 'gonna' happen. By agreeing to finish the season, IN PRINCIPLE, David Moyes has played a bit of a blinder, because if it proves impossible to finish the season West Ham United, having shown a willingness to comply, would be in a good position as to influence which process would be used to decide the final placings.

Either way, the club needs to buy a little more time in order to get those hamstrings ready for their next set of injuries, but it is the same for every other club, some will thrive and some will fail, let's hope it is the former for the Irons. - Ed


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