It's Amazing How Original This Transfer News Is!

It's amazing how original the Mirror and countless others are, the day after we ran our Ayew in exchange for Mawson article the Mirror, The Cardiff Centennial and of course our old DDoS friends at C & H and a whole bunch of other sites all ran stories that were extremely similar, however none of them were actually able to name their source and that is because they couldn't!

The reason they were unable to name a 'an insider' is because the source just happened to go to school with our founder and was the original 'doris the teal lady' source we always used, however due to a family dispute we ceased to communicate up until recently, so look forward to a few Mirror 'exclusives' during the january transfer window, because you will more than likely read them here first! - Ed Jnr



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Nice one,little ed,setting the standard for others to follow mate,put a post up that we are in for De Bruyne,and the media will just run with it, lol

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