It's Not Just The London Stadium That Has Issues

Fifa has expressed its concerns over a shaking pitch at one of Russia's 2018 World Cup venues. The £550m 68,000-seater stadium in St Petersburg has a retractable playing surface which world football's governing body says is unstable.
It added: "Engineers will propose a solution to ensure a stable field." The issue is that the field rolls into the venue on an unstable base and needs to be strengthened The Krestovsky Stadium, which will become the home of Zenit St Petersburg, will host a World Cup semi-final and 2017 Confederations Cup games. Russia's deputy prime minister Vitaly Mutko said: "The issue is that the field rolls into the venue on an unstable base and needs to be strengthened."
He said the problem was "nothing unusual" and the stadium would still meet its completion date next month. Russia MP and former USSR player Valery Gazzaev added: "If the pitch is unsuited to holding such major events, then why has it been built?" Russian opposition blogger Rustem Adagamov wrote on Twitter: "Just what we need, to spend 10 years building a stadium, spend half a billion dollars, and build a pitch you can't play on. Awesome."
It's good to know that cock ups are a universal thing, now if they looked at violence in Russian football they really would open a can of worms! - Ed



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What an ugly stadium nev,the taxpayers should thank themselves lucky they ain't payed for that eyesore lol!but that would sound about right with the ugly scenes coming in 2018,unless they can stop all this b*llocks,but I wouldn't hold me breath.

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Oh well, that's all sorted then. It obviously overshadows what's going on at Stratford so there's nothing to worry about. Damn foreigners can't do anything right.

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