Lanzini To Have Late Late Fitness Test Cresswell To Start

Manuel Lanzini is due to have a late late fitness test ahead of today's crucial game against Manchester United, Lanzini picked up the dreaded 'knock' in training and is a major doubt for selection. Should the 'little jewel' be unavailable Manuel Pellegrini does have options, and plenty of them!

It is perhaps worth remembering how devastating a Manu Lanzini injury would have been in the past for the team, but now Manuel Pellegrini can choose from Jack Wilshere, Pablo Fornals or even Robert Snodgrass. The troublesome left back berth is a different issue, Authur Masuaku is most definitely Pelle's first choice but is unavailable due to the ridiculous red card he was shown against Aston Villa.

Ben Johnson had been mooted as 'Authur's ' replacement, however he has also succumbed to a 'knock' in training, this 'knock' fella need to be addressed by the coaching staff in the future! Therefore Aaron Cresswell will probably start his first Barclays Premier League match since the opening day's chastening defeat to Manchester City, a game in which he was ripped apart by the City players, a performance that saw him dropped for the next matches.

Cresswell isn't a bad player, he just seems to have 'lost his MoJo', this is a relatively common occurrence among players returning from significant injuries, they don't mean to under perform, it is just that sub consciously they are terrified of picking up another serious injury, and in the no compromise 'battle field' of the Premier League if you don't give 100% you will get turned over.

This match, despite being played in September, could be season defining for the Irons. If they 'bottle it', they only have themselves to blame, it all depends on which West Ham turns up, doesn't it? - Ed

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For cress imo,has a stinker & then that's his lot,has a good game which he is capable of then he will be fighting again for the left back spot.

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It baffles me as to why they are even mentioned as competitor's for the same spot ,Masu is an out and out attacker and isnt related to a full back,Cress is an old fashioned overlapping full back .back

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