Lawro Backs Clarets To Win, What A Surprise!

Fresh from incorrectly predicting a 2-0 victory for the home side in the Southampton v Hammers match, that old stalwart of unbiased reporting Mark Lawrenson is going for the same score line for when West Ham visit Burnley this Sunday. Here is an extract of his pre-match, and more amusingly the prediction of Gooners fan Theo Ellis.

"Burnley need to show something here - some fight, at least. One of their problems is that, whoever plays up front, their strikers are all much of a muchness. In the past at least one of them has been in the kind of form to nick them some goals but at the moment none of them look much like scoring. I am still going to back the Clarets to get a positive result because of what we have seen from them in the past but, at the moment, things do not look good."
Lawro's prediction: 2-0 Theo's prediction: "West Ham should win this, looking at the way Burnley have been playing: 1-5"

Just a slight disparity of a six goal shift, anyone who would like to have a job at the BBC getting paid loads of money for being useless should send their application to : Overpaid ex-scousers, Department of biased blinkered opinions, BBC.
You will need to 'Mark' your application with a sour lemon imojee.

Never mind, if his beloved Liverpool don't screw up winning the title, as they have done on numerous occasions then perhaps he will 'go all happy', Hammers fans will at least agree with the 'go' part of that. Joking aside, those who still pay TV licence money surely deserve a pundit who is better balanced and more articulate than Lawrence. - Ed



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If you search REALLY hard on the Sky sports football page you will find a report saying that the Hammers played last night. There is no mention whatsoever on the home page but if you click on the `clubs/West Ham` link & scroll down past the record of when every player in the top 4 teams last visited the hairdresser, scratched their arse or picked their noses you may (if lucky) come across a reference to last nights game.
It`s the same after every game & I for one am totally pissed off with there only being 4 teams in the premiership worthy of a mention......rant over. COYI.

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I say!!

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surprised we even got a mention. All Ive heard of late is the half baked Manchester/Norway accent huffing and puffing about how Man U is the greatest club in the world. Please, please Eddie for goodness sake get a win and shut that lot up!

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Most important news is that Declan Rice has signed a new extended contract. That guy has the energy and was hoping that he scored in the dying minutes.

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I prefer he tips against us. It makes for fun when someone that should have a better insight than the common man and has that pompous Captain Mainwaring thing going on. I sometimes think he just tips against us with “it must be time they lost” going on in his mind. Don’t change a thing Beeb we all like a laugh especially when it’s at someone rather than with someone.

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