London Stadium Conspiracy Emerges Amid Take Over Rumours

The 'spontaneous' pitch invasion at The London Stadium during the ill fated 3 - 0 defeat to Burnley initially appeared to be a boiling over of emotions following the thwarted March in March, however it now seems that there was more than an element of organisation particularly with regards to the 'siege' of the directors box. We at The Org witnessed as yet unreported scenes in the Bobby Moore stands of groups of 'angry' men running at the stewards, creating a really ugly atmosphere that would have been very intimidating for anyone who hadn't experienced worse scenes during the seventies.

Fans frustration is understandable, having been 'sold a lie' on too many occasions by the board, but as many ex-players and Hammers' stalwarts have mentioned of late, now above all is a time to stand together. The alarming progress of teams around the foot of the table and West Ham's proximity to the drop zone should focus the minds of all those concerned, fans, players and owners will all suffer if such a toxic environment continues to prevail at The 'ironic' London Stadium, there will be plenty of time during the summer to hold an autopsy on the club's development since the ill judged move from the Boleyn Ground which the club owned to the London Stadium which they don't.

The media and political vultures are already circling over head, Liverpool supporting 'Saddy' Khan, the London Mayor, was very quick to jump on the band wagon describing the scenes as despicable. Almost as despicable and obscene as a very poor borough losing £40 Million because of Lord coe's vanity then? There is such a huge agenda surrounding West Ham at the moment that the players are probably better of in Florida, even though their presence has generated much discontent among supporters who feel the players should be 'punished' for under performing so woefully during the last three fixtures which were all lost by a three goal margin, these unacceptable losses and the performances the team put in will be areas that David Moyes will hope to address away from the public spotlight. It might help if someone has a word with Hammers' press and media department about the wisdom of showing pictures of Andy Carroll sunning himself on a beach, his very presence has many fans asking why is he there? He is injured isn't he? Following on from yet another lengthy injury which required surgery that made him unavailable for the rest of the season, what possible justification can there be for footing the bill for him to sunny himself while picking up in excess of £80,000 per week as he has done for the last five years!

Taken in isolation the 'Carroll syndrome' is annoying enough, but when coupled with all the other malcontent and negativity surrounding the club a head of steam will invariably build up, but it is essential that fans realise their protests will only harm the club, and those who say dropping down to the Championship will teach the owners a lesson are at best misinformed as well as being deluded. Ironically the best way to ultimately 'get rid of the board' is to ensure the club's continued presence at the top table of football, this is in order that the club represents a creditable business proposition for a wealthy owner or owners to invest in.

Despite West Ham United's current difficulties there is no shortage of potential suitors who would like to be involved in the cash cow that the Premier League has become, although recently the 'insane' TV deals have started to level off. The board have stated on numerous occasions that they are 'not for turning', but if fans play it cleverly the club's hierarchy might just decide to take a permanent back seat and let someone else take the flack. Irrespective of how fans feel about David Sullivan, and let's face it he is definitely not everyone's cup of tea, there is no excuse for the cowardly act of throwing coins that he was subjected to, apart from the fact that other 'innocent' parties could have been blinded as a result of the coin throwing, the whole distasteful incident was broadcast around the globe and will not have helped potential player recruitment, after all how many players other than mercenaries would choose to go to a club where the players appear to be despised by their fans?

Of course there are those who would say that the protest wasn't against the players only the owners, but who did it effect most? It was plain to see for all those in attendance and those millions watching on TV, that Burnley benefited greatly from the pitch incursion, Hammers had been at the races and but for a disallowed penalty and some dreadful finishing in the first half could have been three nil up, as it was Joe Hart conceded a 'Worldy' goal. At that moment in time the crowd should have got behind the team and roared them on for an equaliser, as it is commonly known most teams are extremely vulnerable just after scoring a goal, however the 'fans' that ran on to the pitch destroyed any chance of a quick recovery and ensured Burnley had enough time to reorganise themselves effectively.

The remaining matches at the London Stadium could yield a bunch of points, but that will only happen if people can put their differences on the back burner until a time when their voices really can be heard, and that is ....season ticket renewal time! - Ed



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I think people have the right to express themselves however they wish. Be it vocally, marching, invading the pitch, holding banners. As long as it’s not violent, it’s a free world.
Now obviously invading the pitch is not acceptable under terms of the law. However, its actually the most powerful form of protest, as evidenced by the bond scheme protests in the early 90s.
Of course, it affects the team, but you know what, they’ve affected us for the last 24 months. They’ve been, on the whole and with very few exceptions, inept, woeful and unacceptable. They can all clear off if they want.
Oh no, sob sob, but DH, that would mean the end of our premier league status sniff sniff. You know what, stick your premier league.
I haven’t watched MOTD since Payet left. I never watch European matches and I can barely tolerate international stuff. You know what I still like? FA Cup matches and lower league clubs that stick it to the man. Give me that any day of the week.
Park the bus, tactical masterclass to earn a point at the throne of OT or Anfield? Nah thanks mate. I’d rather get 2 reds, 7 yellows and a misconduct charge from a team that absolutely smashes the living daylights out of the premier league luvvies.
The game is gone. Many an eye can see that. All we can cling to is that little bit of passion, guts, anger, emotion. Once that’s gone, you can turn the lights off forever.
Some facts. Me and my 2 boys (both under 10) at the Burnley game, were neither intimidated, upset nor had cause for concern. You know when they did? When Chelsea fans threw coin at them in the League cup match last season. Short memories eh. I have the sound of the coins missing us by inches on my phone.
Coins thrown at Sullivan? Provide me the evidence and I’ll agree. You know what? No one else reported being hit. Brooking said he “believed” Sully was hit. Sounds like heresy to me. So, Sully was the only man hit? Sorry. There’s a fat liar crying wolf if ever I saw one.
What was the best part, for me, was the way the stadium worked against them, allowing for a guy on the opposite side of the ground to wander round and join in the protest. Brilliant. Shame the ground isn’t fit for purpose eh?
Reap what you sow.
They got away with it at Brum to a large extent. Smaller fanbase, maybe not as vocal or mad. But GBS have just managed to lift the lid off something they’ll wish they never disturbed.
The silent majority have turned, trust me.
More police in the ground you say? I’ve a feeling GBS will find their journey delayed long before this for the next home game.
£29m net spend in 2 years. I leave that one there.
There are so many pieces they have done to strip away our culture, dignity and worst of all, insult our intelligence.
But anyway, I’m just glad the team and management have managed to judge the mood so well by going to Miami and chilling out on a yacht.

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I agree D.H, good man old bean! However i do think pitch invasions aren't the best way to voice discontent but rather not going to the matches, not paying the money into G&S new model bentley plans etc. I do agree however that the fans have genuine reasons to voice their disapproval and as 'paying customers' thats their right. you don't like your meal at a restaurant you go to the manager and you tell him about it, and you take your money elsewhere.

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Well said dh, your best ever post IMO. Sorry I didn't read your post till after I did mine that's why I repeated it accidentally. On the note of gold and Sullivan they bleat about the crowd needing to get behind the team or we will get relegated but they say they will still attend the soton match. Whatever way you put it the crowd reaction is a distraction so if they really had west hams interests at heart they could defuse the anger temporarily by not attending till we are either safe or relegated. But oh not we won't do that. So IMO if the crowds anger at the board affects the team negatively then gold and Sullivan have to take as much share of the blame when we go down. Sometimes gold Sullivan and Brady you just have to be less selfish. (Or be the bigger man :-)

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This coin throwing incident, as yet there is no evidence of a coun hitting Sullivan or indeed any being thrown. Unless of course you believe the only man to say it Mr David Sullivan. There were bottle caps and bits of paper etc, but did anyone actually see Sullivan wince? We will have trouble recruiting! Nah. Firstly we already have this due to Sullivan himself. Secondly we have no intention of buying the top players these are the ones who pick and choose such things. The level we pitch at is at best players trying to get noticed at a bigger club or at worst players past their sell by date look to earn thousands for no return. Unless of course you believe the latest story going around that we are trying to buy benzema at 53 million.

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I totally agree,where is the evidence that coins were thrown & especially sully getting hit??We had it the other week about Gold being confronted...massive media coverage slating westham fans,(BTW a couple of days ago there was some bournemouth supporting prick on talkshite saying what that scumbag carragher did was "westhamesque"!!,unreal from some carrot crunching idiot!!!!)but if you watch it with your own eyes 3/4 people ran on the pitch & fans congregated in front of the board...jeez there was some greek geezer,chairman of a football club who invaded the pitch with a gun - now theres a story!!Its all bollox imo, 95% of westham fans are decent,& every club has its knuckle draggers...(even Bournemouth!!)
As for Lady bonus theres a great piece today on - westham by sam inkersole
"What Brady promised westham fans vs what we actually got at the L.S....worth a read!

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Agree all the way dh,every word well said

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well at least it got you talking. The coin thing is real, there is footage of sour chops getting hit on the side of his glasses, did brady pick up the coin though?

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after the last 2 performances the last thing they should be getting is a reward, they all new they were going, you can just imagine the thoughts O well f.... it we off to Miami why should we care. As for Carol buggers belief as to why he is there and more to point why do we still have him.

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That everyone should boycott games from now on till Sully ,gold & brady stay away,its just going to get worse if they keep turning up imo

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Yep 65, it's obvious those three will be like a red rag to a bull. And they know it, but won't care. I see Brady has issued an apology for the way things have turned out. Probably a good year too late, but I suppose it's a start. Trouble is itl be like water off a ducks back until we see massive changes in the way things are done. IMO it should start with the board staying away for the teams sake atm

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Nothing in it that addresses the real problems at westham,just her again trying to appease the fans for fear of more backlash...also i like the way she talks about our history,heritage & above all,heart!!!like she would know anything about those subjects...its too little,too late im afraid!!

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I agree 65. Sorry I must admit I only read the headline at the time. Having now read it fully it just sounds like the same Brady fluff and guff she presented in that 3000 word "pledge" to the supporter groups. After hearing the club wanting to get the 4 protesters to pay for the fine West Ham get for going on the pitch, I'd say they are well in line to become the next oyestons. They are not holding out olive branches just annoying more and more supporters. Im sure it's their way to deter further invasions but don't realise all its gonna do is drive a bigger and bigger wedge between fans and owners. I cant make up my mind if they are ignorant, stupid, egotistical or just incompetent or arrogant on running a club.

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But ignorant,egotistical,incompetent & arrogant id say they certainly are!!

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Its total appeasement,they think we are stupid and it will stop the unrest but it wont.They have totally lost their way and don't know where to go next, they are making themselves look worse.

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I' m wondering if they are as passionate as they think they are, lots of fans have asked GBS to stay away from the ground now I read that they are coming to the Southampton match and how brave they are. They seem to be winding up the fans already, and if we run riot for the Southampton match we will be docked points and will dent our teams confidence. So if they really care stay away, and let the supporters get behind our team to try to keep them in the prem because if they turn up there will be more trouble. Or do they love all this publicity, Never surprise me to see the board arrive by helicopter make a really big entrance, just to wind the supporters a little bit more, because if they use their cars they are going to get thrashed I don't want them near the ground till the end of the season if they have any sense they will keep a low profile- cant see this happening unfortunately

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