In Memoriam Robert Frederick Chelsea Moore - Hero RIP

Twenty five years have flown by since England's greatest ever footballer died, some might say that Sir Stanley Mathews warrants the accolade of having been the country's finest, but none can doubt Bobby Moore was the greatest! The fact that Bobby was taken from the world at the ridiculously young age of 51 is still hard to take in, those who were privileged enough to have met him even briefly will tell of his warmth and kindness, his loss touched the nation and the Bobby Moore cancer fund has reached nearly £25 Million since it's inception to help combat the dreadful cancer that eventually downed the blond colossus.

Age shall not weary the image of Bobby clutching the Jules Rimet trophy as he was held aloft by his England team mates on that fateful day in 1966 when his team beat West Germany in the World Cup final at Wembley, he never lost his presence nor did his blue eyes lose their shine when he spoke to you, until the last few months he still managed to 'put on a show' even when enduring invasive chemotherapy which prolonged his life but ultimately failed to save him. The full extent of Bobby's illness had been kept quiet on his behalf, in fact it was only following his death that his earlier health issues came to light, his battle with testicular cancer makes his subsequent appearances for England and West Ham United even more astonishing.

What would Bobby think about West Ham now? Probably he would not be as damning or as vociferous as most media bloggers, "All's well?" was his usual rhetorical question and answer that he used, all might not be well, but all is well that we were graced with his presence albeit all too briefly!

Robert Frederick Chelsea Moore
12th of April 1941 – 24th of February 1993



For a great man!!

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Nice 1 as always nev,god bless the master moore x

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