No More Smoke And Mirrors Hammers Mean Business For 48Hrs

The European transfer window has a little over two days remaining, generally in the past Hammers fans have got used to a diet of broken promises and ridiculously low bids that would never be accepted by club's for their players. This is the first season that West Ham have the financial benefit of not having taken out a 'pay day' loan that needs repaying, as it has not been allowed by the FA or the Premier League for the last couple of seasons. This is one of the reasons for the perceived lack of investment during the season preceding the current one, the fact is the club had little money to invest in new players during the season when the loan had to be paid off in its entirety.

Having 'shocked' most observers and fans alike by 'splashing the cash' this summer, and in addition bringing in a World class manager on massive wages, finally it seemed that the Hammers hierarchy had got their hands on some money that didn't have to go straight out of the window. They backed their new manager to the hilt and more, however lady luck decided to 'leave the building' just around the same time as the newly assembled team was taking shape, the injury to Manuel Lanzini being a mere portent of things to come!

The injuries to Andrily Yarmolenko, Carlos Sanchez, Winston Reid, Fabian Balbuena, Ryan Fredricks and Jack Wilshere to name a few have damn near crippled (sic) the squad, however results have still been achieved up until the 'Arnie Saga', his absence combined with the massive injury list was the straw that broke the Camel's back. In the past the Board would huff and puff before eventually giving in to the player's demands for fear of losing out financially, but in Arnoutovic's case they appear to have done the opposite. Not only have they extended Arnie's contract but they are actively pursuing a couple of deals that will take the club to that almost mythical next level.

Make no mistake, the Pellegrini revolution is taking place in front of fans' eyes, his philosophy apart from playing attractive attacking football that is pleasing on the eye, is to build a comprehensive squad. Even during the times of the 'Biscuit Baron's' phoney cash when money was being spent like it didn't matter, of course it later transpired that all the money was borrowed, the squad was wafer thin in extremis. For the last 40-50 years it had always been that way, the Cairns family in particular 'skimmed off' any excess funding that could have propelled the club to a higher level, they were content for West Ham to be a 'Yo Yo' club.

Fast forward to now, and nothing seems to be further from the truth when it comes to 'lack of investment', the club having already backed their manager more than any other are now willing to support his desire to really push on to the season's end by backing his audacious attempt to bring Maxi Gomez to the London Stadium, an not just for a sight seeing tour! Concrete approaches have been made to make the deal happen, either Hammers are preparing for life without Marko Arnoutovic despite him signing a new contract, or Pellegrini sees Gomez's arrival as one of the remaining parts of his Claret and Blue jigsaw puzzle.

Funding Gomez's arrival would be a massive enterprise, but with Chicharito, Andy Carroll and Lucas Perez all potential departees he numbers can be crunched, Hernandez and Carroll earn the thick end of a quarter of a million pounds per week between them, money that has mainly been spent for bench warming and attending medical facilities. Their combined wages of over £13 Million per annum could be removed, if sold during this window their combined sale could bring in an additional £10-15 Million, the combined wages and sale value equates to over two thirds of Gomez's buy out clause, so a deal can still be done. The third Hammers striker who could be on the move is Lucas Perez, he has already had offers from France and Spain, he is believed to be on the same wages as Gomez currently is!

So the move for Gomez could be almost self financing, it would represent a real signal of intent from the Board and have fans licking their lips in anticipation of what might be on offer, especially when the 'little jewel' that is Manuel Lanzini returns to the fold. - Ed



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I cant stand the Jan transfer window. I'm pleased to see this one has been little more than a damp squib....

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not sure what the point of the jan window is apart from making agents and players richer? ask any club and they will tell you they don't want it. the only appeal is for those in the snake pit of relegation trying to buy their way out of it but that never works either.

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So, you are saying the sale of three of our current strike force will finance the Gomez deal?
Well in that case by my reconning that would leave us two strikers short!

Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t get shot of the likes of Carroll and Perez but the club needs four strikers to compete effectively in the epl
So yes we may well indeed sell 2-3 forwards but at least two of them will have to be replaced.

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Gomez is a top striker so you ask the question, what is his motivation joining us? Not top 4 so no Champions League and a deathwish in cup competitions. Dont get me wrong, I would love him to join but would have preferred to see him as the Arnie replacement.

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but he may be coming to put himself in the best shop window in football which i hope means he gives every game 100%

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I think the mythical next level is out of reach and our actual next level should be pushing to break into the band between 7th and 10th and not always fail to climb into 7th when the opportunity presents itself. You can almost guarantee that despite getting ourselves into place to climb to 7th we always trip up whether home or away, against a top6, bottom 6 or any team in the middle. It's almost a near certainty and time I started backing this at the bookies.

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