No Reunion For Arnie And Sparky

When Marko Arnoutovic helped bury Stoke City last season, their manager at the time Mark Hughes was 'less than pleased', he was particularly vociferous during the match at the Bet 365 Stadium where it was not necessary to be a lip reader in order to get the gist of his opinion of the player his club sold to West Ham for £24 Million. As a result of the minor verbal altercation Hughes was warned of his behaviour by the FA and the matter seemed to be forgotten, that was until the next meeting when unpleasantries were exchanged again.

So it is with regret to some observers that the 'Arnie and Sparky Show' will not now take place on the 12th of December at St Mary's as was originally scheduled due to Mark Hughes' dismissal as manager of Southampton, the club he joined after all but relegating Stoke. It was always a question of when not if Hughes would be on his bike given the Saints appalling results spanning back to last year that he failed to turn around, his re-employment possibilities look rather bleak in the immediate future, he'll probaby end up as a BT Sport commentator!

Alas there will be no pantomime featuring Sparky as the villain and Arnie as the angel this year, there probably won't ever be another one, shame. - Ed



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He can claim yet again never to have gotten a club of DITM's favourite sabres to rattle

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lol, the man has a perfect record. that said, don't be surprised to see him back in the prem putting the Arnautovic reunion back on at Fulham when ranieri is gone in a month or some other poor desperate club that takes him on.

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He never get's relegated because the arrogant f*cker always gets the sack,i'm not shocked I was more shocked when saints appointed him.

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we face two clubs in December with new managers and usually means a "bounce factor" as players that gave nothing for the last manager work their socks of to impress the new guy :o(

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