No Surprise As Jack Had Been Who He Never Was!

It was perhaps inevitable sooner rather than later, and in this case much sooner, that having signed a lucrative THREE year deal to join West Ham Jack Wilshere would pick up an ankle injury that has had to be operated on. The injury will keep the 26 year old midfielder out of action for between 6 - 12 weeks, although it was a relatively minor ankle surgery, Wilshere's recovery up to match fitness could take considerably longer..

Wilshere completed West Ham's first three games but was taken off against Wolves and missed Sunday's win at Everton. "We envisage he will only need a relatively short period of rest and will then start his rehabilitation," said head of medical Richard Collinge. The surgeon was satisfied with the procedure and said all went as planned, Jack is focused and determined to get back training and playing as soon as possible," Collinge added. Sounds familiar?

'Focused and determined to get back training and playing as soon as possible', has disturbing 'Carrollesqe' connotations bearing in mind 'wheelchair's' legendary injury history, furthermore given last Sunday's performance he is unlikely to 'hobble' back into the first team which seems to have found the correct balance without him. We are not suggesting that signing Wilshere was a complete waste of money, merely that he is a rather expensive option for a player who at best will only play half the season, IF the manager chooses him ahead of all those players who are fit and capable.

Strength in depth is a neccessity for aspiring Barclays Premier League clubs, so having Wilshere as an option is useful, but only so if he doesn't emulate Andy Carroll and become a permanent fixture in the medical team's room. As we have mentioned already, the team looked much more balance without Jack, sometimes things just fall into place.

The best thing the club can do in our opinion is to get Carroll and Wilshere fit, which is no mean task in itself, and then flog them off along with a couple of others during the January window, 'sick notes are not for turning!' - Ed



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But its always good to give carroll some competition for his place in the treatment room:-)

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"Wheelchair". I tried to be positive, but he should never have been signed. The team was much better without him.

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But lets be honest we were a better team on sunday without him,it would be great to see him a become a success at westham but as others have mentioned he is unfortunately blessed with Dyer & Carroll syndrome!!

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The way the centre 3 played v Everton will hopefully make him determined not only to get fit but fight for a place in the team. No doubt he has the talent he just needs to do it for us.

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i don't see why he can't play the same role noble played in that 3.

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suckers for taking him on, we all said it

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Without him pel might just have stumbled on a midfield 3 that works,so 100k a week is loose change imo

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