Nothing Happening At West Ham As Window Is Due To Close?

Well, everyone and his dog are splashing the cash! Except West Ham United or so it seems, Do Sully and Co have something dramatic in the pipeline?
We will update this page throughout the evening, but don't hold your breath! - Ed



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a lot of that i agree with and has been said on here by many. the chichirito comments too, playing him up front alone with no service…wheres the thinking? especially as he's been wanting him for two seasons now…yet still can't find a way to give him good service? i do think its not going to last. bilic looks flat, tired and its almost as if he wants to be put out of his misery and the board are a circus act. i also see the stats put us joint bottom with everton as the slowest at passing the ball forwards. says a lot to me. Bilic succeeded in his first season by moving it forward quickly with pacey runs to go with it…now we are slow, backward passing…why?

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Cos we have Noble in midfield and passing forwards goes against the grain for him!

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good odds on man city going down …lol

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