Now The Dust Has Settled The Hard Work Begins

Having secured their Premier League survival, there should be an air of optimism surrounding West Ham United football club and it's fans, however that is not the case. Essentially The Hammers did not move from their beloved tightly packed Boleyn Ground home to the wide expanses of the London Stadium in order to be in a relegation battle! Far from it, in fact the whole premise of the move was to take the club to 'another' level, it damn near did, the Championship not the Champion's league was looming right up until Saturday evening's Southampton versus Everton match, the result of which made it mathematically impossible for West Ham to go down, but can the season be seen as a success? A resolute NO would have to be the answer, of course surviving to fight another year was worthy of celebrating, just ask Stoke City fans how gutting it is to see their team go down.

Staying in the top flight will ensure that the West Ham hierarchy can approach next season hopefully having learned their lessons, another season like the last will see the club struggling to sell all but the cheapest of season tickets and might just open the can of worms that is the 'waiting list'. The workings and details of which are a mystery, some people have been offered tickets who haver just recently paid their £10 to join the waiting list whereas others have been on for years and still not received an offer of tickets. There currently appears to be a far greater chance of winning when you play online casinos than there is of extracting some form of clarity from the club with regards to the allocation of tickets.

The extent of season ticket take up will probably be dictated by the 'R' word for recruitment as opposed to relegation, West Ham United cannot afford to have another turgid summer transfer policy, having survived by the skin of their teeth without serious investment the club will be favourites to be relegated next year. Fans have had enough broken promises and false dawns, a bit of honesty might help! No one is expecting the club to show it's hand when it comes to transfer targets, that would just help the opposition, but equally no one wants to be on the receiving end of a lot of smoke and mirrrors, enough is enough.

Realistically this is the first season since the effect of the 'Pay Day' loans ban has ceased to be felt, West Ham were treading water last season because they were unable to borrow against future income in the same way as they and many other clubs including Everton did on a regular basis. No matter how the Maths is done, there should be a £60 Million transfer kitty and that is excluding and revenue from outgoing player sales, in the current climate that is not a lot of available funding, but it is a hell of a lot better than before.

At least it will be West Ham United, along with all the other survivors, who will be picking at the bones of those clubs that end up relegated whose players are not up for the 'challenge' of the Championship. There are many who would be a good fit for the club, but that all depends on who is in charge, will it still be David Moyes? Or have fans not been won over by his style of play despite him achieveing his brief of ensuring Premier League survival, but that's another story. Ed



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excuses at the ready

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Of course the World Cup excuses will be used, don't forget also the window shuts earlier from next season giving us about 2 weeks less and then there is trying to get another manager in or trying to negotiate a new Moyes deal. Add in the fact it takes weeks for Sullivan to fart arse around a deal and then not complete it plus the fact we need quite a few. In short I'd say Sullivan should start the changes on 9th may 2016!

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the way i see it is - is there any point keeping moyes on? the way things are now in the prem you can forget about competing for the top 6. basically all thats left is to watch your team play good football. i used to believe allardyce and moyes and co were the safe pair of hands to steadily improve you as a club but this board has no skills whatsoever in taking this club higher. we're like birmingham used to be under bruce and mcleish….a bit of a bore and achieving nothing. if it were up to me, id move moyes on with a pat on the back and the respect he deserves but get someone like Howe who is younger and can actually reconstruct this club into something with some identity and style. the days of thinking that was a gamble are gone now as the alternative is same again next season.

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This board will see it as a success just staying up,expect the same next season imo

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Think he might have his eye on the Arsenal job ,bit ambitious i know or even back to his natural home if they sack B F S ,i cant see anyone of any substance comming here all the time them Muppets are in charge

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Burkie 1

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The Billionaire, not our young friend from 1980, need him to charge in buy the club and send the unholy trinity packing with all their family and entourage ! Only then can we really see a future for this magnificent club... COYI's!!!!

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He's obviously come a long way then since the willie young incident..;)

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We all know moyes will be given a contract and 4 months down the line it will be “3 games to save his job” and the cycle will continue.

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even until January, perhaps, but at any rate no longer than one season. this doesn't create any leverage with the players, who already have too much power. Look at the reports coming from Butland and Adams about how lazy some of the Stoke players were this season (and we know how true that is). If the unholy three reappoint Moyes, then they should back him to the hilt. Otherwise get someone new in now. I share the pessimism, by the way, about anyone wanting to come and work for our Board. Howe? Dyche? unlikely -- why would they? One rumour going about is that they will try to get Benitez (and fail) and then turn to Pellegrini. It's a sort of "faux champions league" look -- the same BS we've been undermined by for years now.

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Looks like your "...One rumour..." has come to fruition Ashes

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Is sorted out I do not expect to see to much change happening...there will be a lot of bluster about how the club are making big changes but with the lies told to fans few will believe it in all honesty....on the transfer front Forestieri/cairney.maddison... three midfielders I believe will give us legs in the middle of the park and a little of the unknown specially forestieri as an attacking go along with a few of the more experienced players we have there should compliment us well...gk wise I always have and will go on about schmeichel at Leicester forget butland as he will be off to Liverpool I reckon......Flint from Bristol city for centre back looks like they are interested in dawson or evans so again there experience will help Flint out.....none of those apart from the gk you would call a Marquis signing but as a club we need to move away from such nonsense...anyway we will all just have to wait and see I guess.

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Mark Noble made a comment after the Leicester game that he did not want another season like the one we have just had. I think every West Ham fan would say the same. For me the move to the Stadium should have been the turning point for us but has turned into our biggest nightmare and could so easily have seen us relegated this season.
I have said it before and will say it again, all the time Sullivan keeps his head stuck in the bargain basement buying cheap and trying to do loan deals first before committing the club to purchase we will remain in the bottom half of the table as players will refuse to come here. I love my club and have renewed my season ticket on a two year deal not because I think the Board will change (they wont) but I am West Ham as all you fans out there are, and we are bigger than they are! I have eternal hope that change will come but not under Gold and Sullivan I'm afraid.

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It's our team after all.

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