Outrageous- Snodgrass Fine More Than Some Racial Abuse Euro Fines!

The FA might be on a little bit of a power mission as they are attempting to remain the FA as opposed to the English FA, well FA has many connotations especially when it comes to their response, or lack of response to racism in the sport of football. The FA's paltry middle of the road attitude has far reaching consequences, fans around the Globe, particularly in certain areas of Europe have been getting away with outrageous amounts of racist comments and actions against players of visiting teams, sometimes even their own players!

Here is a list of the 'tough' punishments handed out recently: November 2018- Greece handed partial stadium ban and fined £8,500 Greek Football Federation fined £8,500 and ordered to partially close their stadium for their next game after racist behaviour in their 1-0 win over Estonia. Also ordered to display banner with the wording “#EqualGame” during next game.

October 2018 - Romania handed stadium ban and fined £44,500
Romanian FA slapped with a £44,500 fine for racist behaviour of its supporters during their Nations League goalless draw with Serbia. Their next match was also ordered to be played behind closed doors following the racist chants and banners displayed by fans.

September 2018 - Poland handed partial stadium closure
Poland made to close off at least 1,000 seats during their next Uefa competitive home match following racist chants in their Nations League group stage match in Italy. The "#EqualGame" banner must also be visible in the affected area of the stadium.

August 2018 - Red Star Belgrade handed stadium ban and fined £61,500
Red Star Belgrade play Champions League play-off first leg match against FC Salzburg behind closed doors for the racist behaviour of its supporters against FK Sūduva. Also made to pay £61,500 fine.

Reading the above, it is astonishing to see that the FA have decided to fine one individual nearly the same amount as an entire international footballl organisation has been fined, only the individual in question is Robert Snodgrass of West Ham United, who mistakenly thought the anti-doping team who visited the club's training ground on one of their unannounced 'raids' had a sense of humour! 'Snodddy' has also been given a one match ban which is currently suspended pending an appeal, an appeal that could see the ban doubled if deemed 'frivolous'.

While Snodgrass's attempt at humour was obviously misguided, it was hardly the crime of the century, perhaps the FA should examine their own house before casting judgement on individuals who have made a bad choice, his was a one off, their mistakes are perpetual! - Ed


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