Probe In To Irons Defeat At Old Tra'vesty Reveals Corruption VAR Would Stop

When match officials who have just overseen one of the worst set of decisions in the Barclays Premier League this season are seen laughing and joking with the hierarchy of the club that has just benefited from some really dubious judgements, then any neutral observer would assume that there has been a degree of collaboration. The fact that these 'events' will get brushed under the carpet is synonymous with the dual values applied to the League's 'top six' sides and the rest, it has become accepted that 'lower' teams just don't get the rub of the green from the officials in charge.

Although so called 'judgement' will still be called upon, the introduction of VAR next season will highlight just how 'corrupt' so many decisions were this season. Obviously being a Hammers site we will point out the injustice of the defeat at Old Tra'vesty which as everyone with a pulse will know was highly contentious to put it mildly, however in the wider picture clubs like Cardiff City are facing relegation when if VAR had been in place they would have been nine points better off, similarly West Ham would have been at least nine points better off had VAR been in place!

To continue of this topic, just imagine what the Barclays Premier League table would look like this season had VAR been in place? How would it look if all the points, or even most of the points lost by clubs due to dubious decisions were re-awarded? VAR cannot come soon enough, unfortunately there will some clubs who will really suffer up until then, and West Ham United are one of those. - Ed



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VAR will just be rigged for big clubs too.

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Last night it weren't :(

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